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The current Master Plan Revision proposal:
Why another Master Plan revision?

The Master Plan Revision currently under consideration was motivated by the identification of four substantial new facilities projects proposed for the campus.

These are:

  • The Music Center -- a music performance and teaching facility

  • The University Center -- a center for student activities, retail, recreation, and summer conferences

  • New classroom/laboratory/office buildings -- three new buildings to house classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, and related support facilities, to accommodate ultimate planned campus enrollment of 10,000 full time equivalent students.

  • Additional Student Housing -- to meet the projected need for new on-campus housing in addition to that provided by "Sauvignon Village," which is currently under construction.

In addition to these potential changes to the land use plan component of the Master Plan, associated revisions to the Pedestrian Circulation and Parking &Vehicular Circulation components are under consideration as well. The system of open spaces on campus, both natural and built, would also be affected by the proposed Master Plan Revision.

It is the intent of this Master Plan Revision process that the various components be considered not in isolation, but with attention to how each fits with the campus as a whole, including three facilities that are currently or will soon be under construction: the Jean and Charles Shultz Information Center, Sauvignon Village (student housing currently under construction), and the Environmental Technology Center. By looking at the components of the Master Plan Revision proposal together, and as part of the larger campus context, we are better able to address goals of the University.

Each of the main components of the Master Plan Revision proposal is discussed at its own location on the website, along with an identification of issues related to that component. In addition, the website offers an opportunity for your on-line input into the Master Plan Revision planning process.


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