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History of SSU Campus Master Plan

1962 Master Plan

The first master plan for the campus was approved in 1962, four years prior to the beginning of operations on the campus in 1966. The center of the current campus, including Darwin and Stevenson Halls, the Field House and the Salazar Library are a legacy of that plan, which reflected the architectural style and planning concepts of the 1960's. The plan had substantial areas of parking scattered throughout the campus and three satellite housing areas, including a number of mid-rise residential towers. The plan had both south and north entries to the campus and a loop road surrounding the central academic core. The "brutalist" style concrete buildings and the lack of landscaping when the campus first opened led to the moniker "San Quentin North". This plan was designed for an ultimate campus build-out of 12,000 full time equivalent (FTE) students.

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1969 to 1976 Master Plans

A series of master plan revisions began in 1969. An academic master plan revision that included an interdisciplinary program known as the Cluster School Concept was a primary reason for that revision. In 1976, planned enrollment was decreased from 12,000 FTE to the present 10,000 FTE. The revision resulted in less low rise, less formal building types. This plan included Rachel Carson Hall, the Health Services building, student housing, the Art Building and the Student Union. Parking became more clustered in the south and southwestern areas of the campus and the loop road was pushed further west beyond student housing to create a more integrated central core that mixed academic and housing functions. The plan and proposed buildings were considerably less rigid and formal, consistent with the cluster school concept. The north entrance, while still remaining in the plan, had considerably less impact and a formal entry circle was supplanted by what now has become the Commencement Lawn.

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1993 Master Plan

The last major master plan revision occurred in 1992 and 1993. Under this revision the expansion of the cluster school concept was eliminated, academic buildings were relocated, additional housing indicated and the new Information Center, currently under construction, was first shown. Parking became focused on the south central campus and multilevel garages were proposed to meet parking needs at build-out. The campus loop road was eliminated and the future north entrance moved easterly of the Physical Education complex.

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Current Proposal for Campus Master Plan Revision

Currently under consideration is a proposed Campus Master Plan Revision.

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