SSU Master Plan Revision

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Goals of the Master Plan Revision

The following are identified goals of the Master Plan Revision. One of the purposes of the Outreach Program is to create an opportunity for expanding, revising, and/or refining these goals.

  • Reinforce campus identity and image, reflecting its place and culture

  • Provide facilities to effectively support the University's academic programs

  • Provide more on-campus housing opportunities

  • Provide better access from on-campus housing to a variety of student services

  • Use existing campus resources to the fullest extent, by appropriate use of currently underutilized developed space. Develop additional space only as needed.

  • Plan for optimal utilization of existing and new infrastructure, roads, and parking

  • Incorporate concerns about energy efficiency

  • Identify and protect important biotic resources on campus, including Copeland Creek

  • Provide good spaces for human interaction

  • Promote a comprehensible campus development pattern, for both pedestrians and vehicles

  • Plan for areas of open space and its appropriate use

  • Promote a sense of vitality on campus

  • Strengthen the pedestrian orientation of the campus

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