Applause Awards Recipients - 2014


Cynthia Foss, Housing Department

It is my honor to nominate Cynthia Foss for the Applause Award. Never has anyone on campus been as much help as she has been.  She assists me in our communications to see that the SSU students receive their mail in an efficient and timely manner. Cynthia is most helpful with addresses of students that have moved off campus. Her ever cheerful attitude is a real bonus!  Thank you Cynthia! - Nominated by Dee Pettis, Entrepreneurial Activities, June 23, 2014

Teresa James, Common Management Systems

The programs that I support have many students that apply for financial aid.  Teresa has always been available for me to ask whatever question I may have and works very hard to provide me with the correct information.  Financial Aid is complicated and she has made it seem very easy.  She always has a smile in her voice and I appreciate that since we do most of our communication over the phone.  Thank you Teresa. - Nominated by Karen Fischer, Office of the Dean Extended Education, May 23, 2014

Kyle Bishop-Gabriel, Financial Aid

I have been working with Kyle for the last few years and she has been a wonderful support to myself and to the students who are applying and receiving financial aid.  Any question I may have she happily answers and she is always happy to help.  Financial Aid is a complicated subject and with her help she has made it easy to navigate the complex system.  Thank you Kyle for your wonderful spirit. - Nominated by Karen Fischer, Office of the Dean Extended Education, May 23, 2014

Kyle Bishop-Gabriel











Brooke Tester, Communication Studies

Ms. Brooke Tester is the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Communication and Media Studies. Students in Communication (and those trying to get into the major) know "Brooke" as the kind and welcoming face of the department. Students and Communication faculty alike turn to her knowing that whatever question they have she will be right on the case finding them an answer and sending them an email. As department chair, I can't say how many times Brooke has helped me solve urgent and complex problems while being calm and reassuring. Brooke is extremely smart and it has been my personal joy to work so closely running the department with her for the last four years. The communications department is very lucky to have an administrative coordinator like Brooke and we don't know what we would do without her! Thanks a million to Brooke!!! - Nominated by Dr. Elizabeth Burch, Communication Studies, April 30, 2014

Brooke Tester

Caroline Ammann, Green Music Center

I watched Caroline Ammann manage her positions (which are many) at the Hilary Hahn performance this past weekend at the Green Music Center. Caroline was on top of every detail and had done extensive planning ahead of time and made sure Ms. Hahn's visit was comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Caroline works behind the scenes in many ways, and her expertise, professionalism and attention to every detail helped make the performance a huge success. There are so many others at the GMC who played a part in staging a successful performance and also deserve high praise; Caroline is one of them. - Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs, April 28, 2014

Jose Aceves and Yriberto Mendoza, Landscaping Department

Big shout of thanks go out to Jose, Yri, and their student assistants for taking time out of their busy schedules to pull weeds and re-mulch the area behind Darwin Hall and the Ropes Course. This is a low traffic area, but exposed for all to see, and was looking terrible. With all the weeds gone and new mulch it is looking so much better.  Thanks guys! - Nominated by Julie Barnes, Office of the Dean Science Technology, April 24, 2014

Jose Aceves

Loretta Hercs, Green Music Center

Since the day she has arrived, Lori has demonstrated a fiery passion to “Aim High, Reach Wide, Educate All” – words that exemplify the visions of both the Green Music Center as well as the University. She frequently puts in long hours to ensure the best possible experience for our audience as well as for the Front of House staff that she supervises. She is committed to establishing and maintaining the GMC’s status as a world-class performance venue and works tirelessly to ensure that nothing detracts from that status. - Nominated by Patrick Maloney, Green Music Center, April 10, 2014

Loretta Hercs











Mike Ogg, Athletics

Mike started a program with Athletics called “Ticket to Success” which brought over 1,000 local grade students and parents onto SSU for a campus tour, a meal, and an athletic event. The participants were able to interact with current student-athletes and coaches and learn about the importance of education, that it is possible to attend college, and the values that can be gained from being a student-athlete. The goal is to get these students and their parents on campus so that they are aware of Sonoma State University and are thinking about attending college as a real opportunity. - Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Athletics, April 4, 2014

Mike Ogg

Katelynn White, Administration & Finance

Katelynn always goes above and beyond of what’s expected and she does so with a smile. I am a new employee and she has helped me in so many ways- from scheduling things to helping me understand the culture and finding my way around. She has shared things that have given me insight and helped me get oriented to my new environment. Her sunny disposition is infectious, and I think she is exactly the type of employee who is “getting it right” and who should be recognized. She embodies the culture and kind of environment that we are trying to create and that anyone would want to be a part of, she is an excellent employee! - Nominated by Tammy Kenber, Employee Services, March 25, 2014

Facilities Management: Zeke Voight, Jordan Lundberg, Anastacio Diaz, Vance Boettner, Ira McKern, Stephen Mallory, Tom Stokes, Frank Nides, Kevin Dahlstedt, Bruce Lindsley, Sylvia Sifuentes, Eddie Krukowski, Alan Snyder, Brian Schneider, Kevin Davis, Thomas Daly, Janet Pearsall, Piaris Ocodhain, Haywood Brown, Gregory Gomes, Henry Amaral, Mark Utarid, Davide Fortado, Jeffery Cooke, and Greg McDivitt

It is my pleasure to nominate this team of SSU professionals for the Applause Award. This team has performed with excellence and often going well above and beyond the call of service for SSU. These individuals have made significant positive impacts through their dedication, competence, ingenuity and exceptional performance on our campus and I would like everyone to know about the work each of them did to contribute to the creation of International Hall at Sonoma State University and the many other duties they perform to keep our university operating and serving students, faculty, staff, and administrators. - Nominated by Mark Merickel, School of Extended and International Education, March 14, 2014

Russ Wigglesworth & Liam Robertson, Center for Performing Arts

I want to give a shout out to Russ & Liam who on the weekend of February 8th helped to identify a leak in both Person Theatre & Ives Hall.  On Saturday they were both at SSU and cleared their schedules to help facilities with the leaks and flooding.  They were supportive to the facility team (who also deserve a shout out!) and had positive attitudes.  The Center for Performing Arts is so lucky to have them on the team! - Nominated by Juliet Pokorny, Center for Performing Arts, February 21, 2014

Russ WigglesworthLiam Robertson

Elisabeth Meyer, Computer Science

Liz plays a fundamental role in the smooth operation of the geology department. She consistently comes to meetings prepared, organized, and with plenty of knowledge about the workings of the university. Recently she has worked in conjunction with the geology club to help organize the revamped geology seminar series, just to help out and get the series off the ground. Her knowledge of university protocol and organizational skills has made planning a breeze! - Nominated by Philip Mooney, Geology, February 03, 2014  

Elisabeth Meyer











Doug Schiller, Campus Prints and General Services

Recently I needed to have something done within minutes of requesting it of Doug and Campus Prints. In his usual helpful way, he jumped on it and created the project template for me. Doug is always friendly and helpful, but this time he went above and beyond, truly understanding my last minute request. Thanks Doug! — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs, January 28, 2014

Doug Schiller