Applause Awards Recipients - 2006

Adrianne Price, Registration Assistant/Student Records

Many departmental staff members work with Adrianne regarding contract courses and faculty add/drop forms and many feel that she is a wonderful addition to Admissions and Records. Her organizational skills and attention to detail have made the contract course procedure much smoother and efficient. One administrative coordinator wrote, "She is efficient and timely in processing my paperwork. Whenever I work with Adrianne, I am confident the assignment will be completed in a timely and accurate manner." Another AC commented, "She handles the faculty drops in a very efficient and timely manner as well as sending out forms when needed. Adrianne is wonderful to work with and deserves all the "applause" she gets. " Adrianne is known as a positive person, always willing to help to the best of her ability, always willing to listen and sort things out when issues get cloudy and confusing. To sum it up, an AC says it best, "Adrianne is a champ! She has been and is a true asset not only to A & R but the entire University. She keeps the gears running smoothly." —Nominated by Lakin Khan, Sue Foley, Connie Lewsadder, Leslie Mouton, Kathleen Piro, and Jo-Ann Smith

Computer Operations: Andru Luvisi, Larry Tenorio and Dustin Mollo

I would like to applaud Andru Luvisi in ITs Computer Operations group for the service he provided the Center for Distributed Learning on Dec 15, when the power to the machine room and the co-location facility our servers are housed in had to be turned off. After Larry Tenorio and Dustin Mollo contacted me at home to apprise me of the current situation and impending power outage I determined that I did not have remote access to the servers since SSU's network was already down. Andru then got on the phone and he worked with me to shut down our seven servers gracefully and then turned them back on once power was restored 3 hour later (approxmatelly 8pm). I really appreciated not having to drive in to handle the task myself as I was home sick with a nasty flu. By contacting me and going the extra mile to restart my servers they saved me a lot of worry, and helped CDL continue to provide services to the communities we serve. Thanks Andru, Larry and Dustin! — Nominated by Susan Baur, Systems Administrator

Becky Cohen, Nursing, Administrative Assistant

Becky Cohen has been instrumental in the renewed start up of the Leadership and Management Masters program at Sonoma State. She has assisted in procuring contracts for placement of nursing students from the Oregon border to San Diego. She is always friendly, courteous, and helpful and she is smart! Because of her, we can teach and know the behind the scenes work is there to provide us structure. Due to Becky's diligence and efficiency, the job of every faculty member in the nursing department is much easier. — Nominated by Anita Catlin, Associate Professor of Nursing

Bill Bayley, Media Specialist

Bill is always courteous and prompt in meeting the videotaping needs of the Family Nurse Practioner program. He digitally records lectures by health care experts and FNP nursing faculty on a wide range of topics that are later streamed on the web. His participation and expertise makes it possible for our students at distance sites to avoid 3-5 hour drives both ways to attend on-campus content. He takes the time and initiative to develop attractive introductions to each web streaming lecture going the extra mile to get the lecturers name and title thereby producing an extremely professional product. In addition, Bill was a co-producer with Dr. Carole Heath of an instructional audio and video program on the subject of immunization clinics in Zimbabwe. Bill was a true expert to work with and as a result, the outcome was a visually stimulating and educational program which is showcased on the Department of Nursing homepage. We applaud his effort of going the extra mile in his assistance with the Department of Nursing. — Nominated by Dr. Wendy Smith and Dr. Carole Heath, Nursing Department

Bruce Lindsley, Trymon Hunter, Kevin Dahlstedt, Sarah Alvarez, Paint Shop

The paint shop went above and beyond expectations, painting the weight room which is shared by student athletes, faculty and staff. The room had not been painted since 1993. Bruce spearheaded the painting project with support from Trymon, his supervisor. During July, they transformed the weight room from a dingy Pepto Bismol color to a clean, crisp, bright white. I hear constant praise at what a simple coat of paint can achieve. It has raised the morale and pride of those who use it. Upon completion of the main painting, the crew added a bit of flair with a touch of faux finish at the entrance desk. They even came back and helped with the cleaning and reinstallation of the equipment. Hats off for a job well done! — Nominated by Gloria Allen, Kinesiology

Deanna Wilson and Susan Zito, Payroll and Benefits

Deanna Wilson and Susan Zito in Payroll and Benefits deserve a "round of applause." They really put out prompt and very helpful assistance with a payroll-related, personal difficulty and got results within one day, actually less. I told Deanna the problem one recent afternoon and it was resolved, with Susan's help as well, before noon the next day!! Deanna was also very good about communicating actions taken and results obtained. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Sponsored Programs Accountant, Financial Services

SSU Post Office Staff: Dee Pettis, Lisa Johnson, Lori Balestrieri, Claudia Bettinelli and Art Jahnsen

Once again the campus post office staff have been amazing in their efforts to help me mail hundreds of copies of a journal all over the world. Anticipating my request, Art ably ordered priority and global priority envelopes in advance. Dee, Lisa, Lori and Claudia managed twenty xerox boxes full of envelopes destined for countries from Norway to New Zealand, plus heavy boxes heading for distributors across the United States. They were always gracious and helpful, and I applaud their fine service and kind help! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Chair, Modern Languages and Literature

Diana Carll, Dining Services, Toast Employee

I find faith in the future of the world again when I get my morning coffee at Toast and Diana Carll doesn't just look at the register and dump my change in my hand, but actually counts it back to me, in the way people used to do all the time before computers took over our lives. Thanks Diana. And you're always smiling too, which is a great way to start a day. — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs

Henry Amaral and Crew, Facilities

Henry Amaral and his crew went above and beyond for the Student Ambassadors and Alumni Association during setup and preparations for Senior Send-Off on May 11. Some of the setup arrangements had to be modified at the last moment and Henry and the other setup staffers changed direction mid-stream and made it happen quickly and efficiently. Often events setup staff are not acknowledged for doing a good job at something that is so important, yet often thankless. So, to Henry and his crew: A huge THANK YOU to all of you for your part in making the day a resounding success. You ARE appreciated! — Nominated by Donna Francis, Alumni Coordinator

Janice Wright, Administrative Support Assistant, English Department

Janice Wright has worked in the English Department for over four years and has proven herself to be a stellar role model for other staff members seeking to improve their customer service skills. Janice always goes the extra mile to assist students coming to the English Department office. She personally arranged transportation for a disabled English Major who lived off campus and had difficulty getting to her classes because she could not afford an electric wheelchair. Janice is a fount of innovative ideas and recently came up with a novel way to electronically paginate a massive hard copy report. She recently worked successfully with several different departments across campus in order to determine how to apply new tax rates to invoices for two English Department publications. She also worked closely with the School of Arts & Humanities and Customer Services to successfully complete a very complicated travel claim for a faculty member who had traveled abroad. The English Department faculty and staff are very grateful to Janice for all she does, her can-do attitude, her unwavering kindness and her gracious demeanor. — Nominated by Merle Williams, Administrative Coordinator, Department of English

Karen Brodsky, Barbara Butler, Perry Marker, Elaine Sundberg, Constitution Day Committee

I am so impressed by the program put together by the Constitution Day Committee, including the Web page and links. Last year legislation was enacted that required educational institutions that received federal funds to hold a program to recognize Constitution Day each year, and Barbara Butler and her committee rose to the occasion and went beyond the call of duty to honor the spirit of the law.— Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director, Financial Aid

Katie Dahlstedt, Assistant to the Dean, Arts & Humanities

Katie has stepped into the vacuum created by our lack of an Administrative Manager in the school office. Although her job description indicates she substitutes for the Administrative Manager, she has gone far beyond that substitute role. She has come to fully understand the School budget and has found efficiencies to improve our situation. Her knowledge has been responsible for keeping us in the black this difficult year. She has attended all meetings where an Administrative Manager would be required while continuing to handle scheduling and assist students and parents in search of classes while training our newly hired Coordinator. Because of her, the school office has operated smoothly and efficiently and has been able to provide support to the departments.— Nominated by William Babula, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

Kito DeBrito and Roosevelt Boyd, Police and Parking Services

We would like to commend Roosevelt Boyd and Kito DeBrito for their relentless hard work in the cold rain, and a job well done. Last Thursday after work, my friend's BMW, parked in the reserved lot by Schulz, shorted out apparently due to moisture and the result was her key wouldn't work. The locks wouldn't pop up. She didn't have road service, she lives in Calistoga, and she had horses and other animals to feed.
After countless attempts in the pouring rain, these two young men finally succeeded in getting into her car. Then we realized the battery was dead, so there was more work to do.
They kept their spirits up the whole time, were courteous, friendly, cheerful and, of course, enormously helpful. My friend, Kerry Gilbert and I, both work at SSU, and, believe me, it is nice to know that someone is looking out for our welfare. Job well done! — Nominated by Sandra Bannister and Roseann Richard

Lisa Andresen, Talmadge Savage and their crew, Dining Services

Hutchins lower division students recently had a field trip for 74 students to Ukiah and the Clear Lake area. Lisa Andresen and Talmadge Savage really went above and beyond in helping us with the lunch orders, sorting out those with meal plans, loading the box lunches and drinks into boxes and onto hand trucks, and finding a large cooler and ice to keep everything cool. And all of their gracious help happened before 8:30 a.m.! Thanks again for helping our field trip to be a success! — Nominated by Heidi LaMoreaux and Sue Foley, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Lisa Gregori, Information Specialist, Financial Aid Office

During our fall rush in the Financial Aid Office Lisa went above and beyond the call of duty to assist a student who was at risk of being disenrolled from his courses. Lisa's quick action and ability to get the necessary paperwork ready for the student to complete was crucial in preventing him from being dropped from his classes. The student applied for financial aid extremely late (08/23/2006) and by the time disenrollment was going to occur he still owed the University the full balance for his tuition and fees. The action took place on 09/14/2006. As a result, the student was not disenrolled from classes and he was able to receive his financial aid. This example is just one of many that I've witnessed Lisa perform in her role as an Information Specialist for the Financial Aid Office here at Sonoma State University. I feel that Lisa should be recognized for the high caliber of customer service that she gives to the students and parents, staff and faculty at SSU. — Nominated by Carson Williams, Financial Aid Office

Lorraine Tang, Administrative Manager, School of Business and Economics

A standing ovation, three cheers and a bravo for Lorraine Tang. She orchestrated the entire AACSB visit right down to the very smallest detail. Lorraine's work is done quietly, behind the scenes. She has a keen eye, our SER reports look professional, the room the team used was transformed, each and every detail was thought out. She didn't miss one. Along with her planning and organizational skills, Lorraine was able to solve problematic situations under pressure and come up with creative solutions. She rallied the staff to work as a cooperative and dedicated team. Thanks to her efforts and attention to detail, the very best of our School was apparent to the accreditation team. Thanks, Lorraine, for all of your hard work! — Nominated by Barbara Dietrich, Rhiannon Isham, Sheila Mackintosh-Sims, Tracy Navas, School of Business and Economics

Maricela Ibarra, School of Education, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

We extend our appreciation to Maricela Ibarra, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator for the School of Education for her outstanding work in the Credentials Office. Maricela goes above and beyond the call of duty to help support staff and students. Her attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot keeps our day-to-day operations running smoothly. She's done an excellent of adjusting to new admission timelines and maintaining our candidate database. She is quick to adapt to new situations and jump in whenever her help is needed. Thank you for your hard work, flexibility and incredible attention to detail. — Nominated by Monica Flores, Student Services Coordinator, School of Education

Michael Zito, Facilities Gardener Specialist

On Halloween, I was walking next to the Duck Pond, on my way to the SSALI office, when my pumpkin (which I needed that morning to carve with students) rolled off my bag and, slowly but surely, into the Duck Pond! I stood there for a moment watching it float, when I saw one of the small white cars (that the facilities people use) go by on another path. I shouted to the man inside, "Excuse me? Do you have something on your car that could help me retrieve my pumpkin?" He promptly came down to where I was, got a ladder off his roof, moved the pumpkin closer, and then stuck the ladder into the pond, climbed down and retrieved the pumpkin! What kindness! I believe that Michael Zito went beyond the call of duty and I just want to say thank you for saving my pumpkin and my lesson that day! — Nominated by Daniela Kingwill, Instructor, SSALI

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Mira is extremely knowledgeable in her field (and beyond — ask her about tropical fish!), personable, kind, interesting and interested in whatever problem you are having with your computer. She really went beyond the call of duty to get me up and running on a new computer and answered problems that I had had for months but was unable to figure out. She is a pleasure to work with and a great member of the SSU team! — Nominated by Robert Girling , Department of Business Administration

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

The School of Business and Economics extends their sincerest appreciation to Mira Aceves for her contributions toward the School's accreditation efforts. Mira has always displayed a "can-do" attitude as the School's GeoTeam consultant, but her patience was put to the test during the School's recent accreditation visit. Mira spent a lot of time with the School in the weeks prior to the accreditation visit to anticipate and configure the visiting team's technological equipment. Mira worked effortlessly to ensure the University's equipment functioned at dual locations, between the University and the hotel, network and wireless, etc. She established quick links on each laptop to the School's programs and academic information, she installed back-up printers, she anticipated all potential issues. But she didn't miss a beat when the accreditation team surprised her on the day of its visit. They changed their minds and conveyed a preference to work on their own equipment. Mira responded without hesitation and with her usual "can-do" attitude. She configured equipment, installed printers, etc. Mira's resourcefulness and contributions added value to the School's accreditation visit. Thank you, Mira! — Nominated by The School of Business and Economics

Modesto Llanes, IT Media Services Coordinator

Mo is always willing to lend a hand and help out at a last minute crisis. Recently at the Holocaust Lecture Series, Mo dropped what he was doing to come over and help troubleshoot a technical issue. He helped fix the problem and as always had a good attitude. Thanks, Mo. — Nominated by William Bayley, Digital Media Specialist

Nels Worden, Chemistry; Zeke Voight, Facilities; Alan Snyder, Operations and Engineering; and Herb Dickerson, Facilities

The white boards in CH68 did not clean up well and left a smeary haze on the surface from regular usage - ghosts. Nels Worden had some white boards that were removed from Darwin and suggested that we use them in CH68. Zeke Voight, Al Snyder and Herb Dickerson came in extra early to replace the white boards before the 8 a.m. class began. All of us who use CH68 are extremely happy to have usable boards for this semester's classes. I love working with people like Nels, Zeke, Al, and Herb who will listen to your problem and help you solve it. Nels, Zeke, Al and Herb, you are all the best! — Nominated by Sue Foley, Administrative Coordinator, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Housing Services: Nikki Anderson, Elizabeth Chelini, Michelle Kelly, and Katie Gordon

We would like to commend Housing Services staff Nikki Anderson, Elizabeth Chelini, Michelle Kelly and Katie Gordon for their excellent customer service to our current and prospective residents. Over the past few months, they have been assisting residents with the campus housing contracting process for next year. Since demand is exceeding supply, this process is much more competitive and emotionally volatile than it has been for the past few years. Through out it all, no matter how many times they have been asked the same questions and peppered with untrue accusations, they listened patiently and compassionately. They provided clarity, understanding, encouragement and displayed incredible tact and professionalism. The personal service they provide to our residents and parents on a daily basis continues to be exceptional. — Nominated by Tim Tiemens and Nicole Hendry, Housing Services

Pat Seda, Facilities Administration/Lead Carpenter

For his outstanding contributions to the University, his attitude and his ability to get along with everyone on his team. — Nominated by Ray Brown, Facilities

Peter Flores, Conference Events & Catering; Jennifer Langhals, Summer Conference Office; Kelley Kaslar, Conference Events & Catering; Ethan Lamoureaux, Conference Events & Catering; Ryan Adamson, Conference Events & Catering; Craig Smith, Conference Events & Catering; Courtney Best, Bookstore; and Mike Hearty, Geography

I would like to thank the staff in Conference Events & Catering, the Summer Conference Office, Dining Services, and the Bookstore for their help in making the 50th annual conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (July 9-15) such a smashing success. Participants left with a very positive impression of Sonoma State. In particular, I want to acknowledge Peter Flores for coordinating housing and overall organizational support; Kelley Kaslar for assistance with catering; Ethan Lamoreaux, Ryan Adamson and Craig Smith for their help with technology in the Cooperage and the Commons; Jennifer Langhals, for coordinating the banquet (which went far too late into the evening); and Courtney Best for setting up an excellent book tent in the midst of the bookstore transition. And many others from these divisions went beyond the call of duty to help in many ways. Thanks also to Mike Hearty, Geography, for his help in printing copies of a large historical mural. I really appreciated the overall generosity and enthusiasm of everyone who helped out. — Nominated by Debora Hammond, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Rebecca Tiemens, ACE/EOP, Administrative Coordinator

Rebecca and her student staff coordinated the Job Fair on campus for Summer Bridge students the end of June 2006. The location was great (Cooperage) and the set up allowed the students to get a very good idea of positions and departments hiring. My department received 10 applications from the fair; very good applicants with transferable skills. Thanks to Rebecca I won't be scrambling looking for applicants. Job well done, Rebecca! — Nominated by Aurelia Melgar, Support Services Coordinator

Sheila Mackintosh-Sims, Barbara Dietrich, Rhiannon Isham, Tracy Navas, School of Business and Economics

Kudos to the School of Business and Economics staff for its ongoing dedication and commitment and, most recently, for the seamless execution of the AACSB accreditation visit. The SBE staff worked collaboratively and tirelessly with the dean, department chair, AACSB coordinator and administrative manager in the months prior to the visit to compile and report data and, in the weeks prior to the visit, worked effortlessly to ensure every detail of the accreditation visit was addressed. The SBE staff identified and transformed existing space to accommodate the visiting team workstation requirements and created a comfortable and inviting environment for the team to work in. The SBE staff dedicated its weekend and lengthened workdays to extend every courtesy available to the visiting accreditation team. The staff members also made numerous visits to the hotel the accreditation team stayed at to insure the same courtesy was met off campus. They are a huge asset to the School, faculty and students and their contributions are appreciated. Thank you and keep up the great work! — Nominated by Lorraine Tang, Administrative Manager, School of Business and Economics

Scott Brown, Ron Titus, Steve Klein (Grounds), Tom Daly, Ray Brown (Carpenter Shop), Gregory Flick, Tom Stokes, Frank Nides and Dick Ogg (Electrical Shop)

I would like to give an applause award for the incredible job that Scott, Ron, Steve, Tom, Ray, Gregory, Tom, Frank and Dick did on installing lighting on the pathway from the Cooperage to the main part of campus. Numerous students have commented on how much safer they feel traveling back and forth at night to class. Great job, guys. — Nominated by Pat Seda, Facilities

Scott Mathemeier, Information Technology, Windows System Administrator

When a main campus file server (SSU-5) was diagnosed with problems, it was determined the server needed to be replaced very soon. Scott Mathemeier took it upon himself to coordinate the security group assignments. This meant standardizing on 986 security groups governing over 32,000 folders. Scott worked diligently and molded the existing fractured structure into a standardized consistent model; and he did it all in just 4 days. Thanks to his efforts the entire project went very smoothly and we now have a more secure and better documented environment for people to work on. — Nominated by Barry Blackburn, Director of Computer Operations

Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Diana Carll, Natasha Thomas, Daniel Fox, Victoria Chavez and Maria Villa

Thanks to the awesome staff at CB's and the Summer Grille for always being cheerful and helpful. You give us a safe haven with good food, no matter what time of year, and we appreciate Tracy and staff and the great atmosphere they create for us. — Nominated by Martha Ezell, Information Technology Department

Tom Daly and Pat Seda, Facilities

I would like to thank Tom and Pat for the very personal, timely and attentive care that they offer to us at CBC and TOAST. These two operations get worked over, and without the efforts of Tom and Pat, those working-overs would show! I value the relationships I have with both of these gentlemen, and I honor the sense of community they try to maintain on this campus. — Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Operations Manager, Charlie Brown's Cafe & TOAST