Applause Awards Recipients - 2003

Jason Spencer, Barbara Butler, Mark Dierkhising, Gregory Flick, Larry Furukawa-Schlereth, Kathleen Hardy, Dick Ogg, Laurie Ogg, Jay Pedersen, Karen Tillinghast, Bruce Walker, Bob Williams, Gloria Allen Willie Lee, Susan Kashack, Craig Dawson, Employee Services, Ameci's, University Pub, and Bookstore

The Staff Appreciation Day Committee would like to thank the following for making the day a success: Morning Mixer speaker: Jason Spencer, Student Body President; breakout session presenters: Barbara Butler, Mark Dierkhising, Gregory Flick, Larry Furukawa-Schlereth, Kathleen Hardy, Dick Ogg, Laurie Ogg, Jay Pedersen, Karen Tillinghast, Bruce Walker, and Bob Williams. The Committee would also like to thank the following for their assistance during the day: Gloria Allen and Willie Lee for helping in setting up the game equipment, Susan Kashack for advertisement of the day on the SSU web page, Craig Dawson for providing emergency glue removal, Employee Services for the development of the trivia contest, Payroll and Benefits for helping to set up the quality booths, and all those who participated in the quality booths. The Committee would also like to thank Ameci's, University Pub, and Bookstore for their generous donation of prizes for the trivia contest.

Ai Sasaki, CIHS Student Assistant

Ai continues to go above and beyond the call of duty with her job as Student Assistant, for the Family Violence Prevention Project at CIHS. We are often knee deep in work when Ai arrives and steps in to help us with getting the work load complete. Ai is always a willing and hard worker and open to learning new things. She consistently goes the "extra mile". — Nominated by Julie Barnes, Administrative Support Coordinator, CIHS

Dolores Bainter, Modern Languages & Literatures, Administrative Coordinator

At the beginning of the semester, Dolores single-handedly rescued Modern Languages and Literatures' enrollments by working with scores of individual students to walk them through the PeopleSoft registration process for language classes, which had regularly been sending error messages to students attempting to enroll in our lower-division courses and preventing them from enrolling. By the end of Registration 2, our classes still weren't full, but Dolores most definitely saved the day (semester!) by her kind and patient attention to students' needs, and to her devotion of hour upon hour with them at her own computer work station to facilitate the registration. Thank you, Dolores! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Chair, Modern Languages and Literature

Carla Stone, Gallery Assistant and Coordinator

Carla always works hard and does a great job managing the Gallery's programs and special events. This semester she oversaw two complicated exhibitions, but really went "beyond the call of duty" in putting together the Art Gallery's successful 25th anniversary celebration and benefit on November 16th. Bravo!

Christine Hayes, Web Designer

Months ago, Christine designed the Employee Services web pages. At that time, she went above the call of duty training me to use Dreamweaver to post new text. Since that time, Christine continues to support me in discovering new aspects of the program. Recently, Christine has opened her office door and welcomed me to use a different program that exists on her computer. She has been generous with her time, space, and expertise. Thank you Christine for your continued professionalism and support. — Nominated by Jaime Edge, Human Resources Generalist

Cristin Tuider, Off Campus Housing Coordinator

As a long time asset to SSU, Crissy Tuider deserves applause. Crissy has been with the University for many years, but her legacy is most visible in her development of the Off-Campus Housing program. She has put great effort toward establishing a functional relationship between local communities, landlords, and our student body. Crissy's actions have led to a new on-line database for use by both students and landlords. She has also researched and collected pertinent information regarding housing issues in Sonoma County and effectively communicates that information throughout workshops, landlord fairs, and one-on-one counseling. She enables and empowers SSU students with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves in one of the most difficult housing markets in California. For these reasons and many more, I would like to thank Crissy for her selflessness and genuine interest in the SSU community. — Nominated by Kimberly Krawchuk, CIHS

Dee Dee Brannan & Barbara Danelia, Office of VP for Administration and Finance

The Provost Search Committee would like to thank Dee Dee Brannan and Barbara Danelia for their exceptional work on behalf of the committee. Their organizational skills, professionalism, willingness to help out with all the details of the search, and infinite amounts of patience were greatly appreciated by all members of the committee. Several of the candidates mentioned how impressed they were with how smoothly things went while they were on campus and specifically named Dee Dee and Barbara for their careful assistance and attention to detail. Thanks Dee Dee and Barbara. You did a great job! — Nominated by the Provost Search Committee

Delmy Sulzer, Financial Aid Representative

I frequently interact with student employees who are paid through a work study grant. This requires approval by Financial Aid prior to the student starting work. Delmy is prompt to communicate with Employee Services about the approval status and getting us the required documents quickly. I appreciate Delmy's help, attention to detail, and ability to get to solutions. Every week I seem to come up with something that requires a call to her. She either finds the answer or finds the person with the answer. She consistently goes the "extra mile". — Nominated by Betsy Ward, Employee Services Assistant

Dick Ogg & Chuck Elliot, Facilities Department

Dick Ogg and Chuck Elliot and supporting staff members from the Facilities Department really came through for SSU Basketball. Due to an NCAA rule change, the 30 second clocks in the Main Gym had to be replaced. Dick spent a great deal of time making sure the installation would work while Chuck made custom brackets for the clocks so they would survive the shock waves being mounted on top of the backboard. The work was completed on a very quick deadline with the first basketball game of the season only a few days away. Athletics is very appreciative of their outstanding efforts to get the job done. — Nominated by Bill Fusco, Director of Athletics

Lakin Khan, Administrative Assistant, Mathematics

Lakin Khan, an Administrative Assistant in the Math Department, is a blessing. She kept the Math Department office running, working only her normal four hour shift, during my recent medical leave. Our office is extremely busy with 100 majors, 30 faculty, and 453 FTE. Lakin's gifts, including good humor, organization, and people skills, make all the difference in the Math Department on a daily basis. — Nominated by Marybeth Hull, Administrative Coordinator

Mark Anderson and Modesto Llanes, Media Services

Mark Anderson, along with Modesto Llanes and a number of other assistants, run Media Services on campus. What that means is that Mark and Moe are the lifeblood "behind the scenes" in almost every classroom experience ar SSU. Their job: keep the equipment running — the overhead projectors, the slide projectors, the TV/VCR's, the Powerpoint presentations, the data projectors, and so on — that make it possible for the professors to focus on their jobs, which is to cultivate student learning. Since the day I arrived on campus over five years ago, Mark, Moe and their team have been there to provide support in every equipment crisis I have ever had, every single day. I am so grateful for their timely, professional and excellent work, which continues even in light of budget constraints. Their experience on this campus is simply invaluable and should be applauded with a standing ovation! — Nominated by Elizabeth Burch, Communication Studies

Pat Seda, Facilities

A huge thank you to Pat Seda who took the time to check on the Library during the torrential rains in mid-December. His quick response to an overhead leak kept damage to a minimum. He was on the spot when howling winds blew open our doors and water threatened some of the electrical wiring. He continued to follow up over the weekend to make sure there were no additional problems. The Library staff, especially those on duty during the "off" hours, are very grateful for Pat's good support and commitment. — Nominated by Barbara Butler, Library Dean

Rod Baraz, Duplicating Machine Operator, KODA

Rod has been described as a true gentleman who constantly goes the extra mile for SSU employees. He does a phenomenal job of getting all the departmental copying requests done on time, and is very accommodating as will as continually gracious. One AC commented on how the work flows very smoothly at KODA even at the beginning of the semester! Rod always beats the deadline for the copy requests that are submitted to him and never complains. He praises and thanks employees for bringing a project ahead of time, yet also understands when there is a push on a project. Rod spends time with employees to make sure the form is complete and that he understands what is needed on projects. Pleasant, understanding, efficient and commendable are some of the comments that staff members use to describe Rod. Even when he is surrounded by endless jobs, he is patient beyond comprehension. He is dedicated to his work and that in turn makes other staff members look good in their departments. To sum it up, rod definitely has a can-do attitude. Thank you Rod, you are greatly appreciated by all! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Nancy Crosat, Sue Foley, Francesca Harrison, Beverly Krystosek, Christine Lee, Connie Lewsadder, Shelly Martin, Leslie Moulton, Kathleen Piro, Mary Rogers, Cathryn Stuckey, Yvonne Thompson, Gayle Walker, Merle Williams, Stephanie Wilkinson, and Janice Wright.

Sue Bennett, Information Technology, Analyst/Programmer

Sue overcame significant obstacles — including a short turn around time, the learning curve of a new database, and a make-it-or-break-it deadline — in programming the extract that was needed to allow continuing SSU students to apply for the state Cal Grant program. Sue's attention to detail and persistence also ensured that accurate information was reported when it wasn't so easy to determine how that would be done. Thanks, Sue!. — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid

Terry Cheney, Facilities

Our sincere thanks to Terry Cheney for accomplishing the incredibly challenging task of getting the Schultz Information Center's PA system up and running. We have needed this critically important system to operate smoothly, especially in case of an emergency in this late public building. The system had never worked properly which caused the library staff extra work and anxiety when trying to secure the building. It took Terry long hours to untangle wires and trace connections throughout the facility's infrastructure. He stayed with it and was able to accomplish what the manufacturer and service contractor couldn't. We all appreciate Terry's commitment and ability! — Nominated by Barbara Butler, Dean, University Library

Tim Tiemens, Housing

I am applauding Tim Tiemens for his consistently effective, collegial, collaborative, and "just do it approach" to day to day tasks. Whenever I work on something with Tim, I rest assured that he will respond graciously, logically, promptly, and will not let things get lost in the shuffle. Even better, he will keep me completely up to date on the status of the project. As chair of the Committee on Wellness and Health Promotion, I recently worked with Tim regarding Residence Halls implementation of the revised SSU Smoking Policy. Tim set up notification procedures for current and incoming Residents immediately. In the face of concerns about signage and ash urns relocation, Tim gathered input and moved ahead without delay, providing pleasant e-mail updates as to status; no muss, no fuss, just done. Similarly, in response to a new and cumbersome state law requiring maintenance of documentation that Residents be notified about meningococcal disease and vaccine, Tim quickly and graciously found and implemented a solution. — Nominated by Georgia Schwartz, M.D., Director, Student Health Center

Yvonne Thompson, Administrative Coordinator, Anthropology/Linguistics/Human Development

The School of Social Sciences congratulates Yvonne Thompson on her forthcoming retirement. The staff and faculty would like to express our sincere gratitude to her for her 35-years of dedicated and faithful service to Sonoma State University, the School of Social Sciences, and the three academic departments she supports. She is an extraordinary and treasured member of our staff and she leaves an immeasurable legacy behind her as she closes this chapter in her life's work. Yvonne has openly shared her vast knowledge of the University and its processes with every staff member in our school. We have been blessed with her professionalism, her kindness, and quiet sensibility. Yvonne will unquestionable be missed and is irreplaceable. — Nominated by The Staff and Faculty of the School of Social Sciences