Sonoma State University
Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association

The SSU Emeritus & Retired Faculty Association provides opportunities for maintaining professional relations with colleagues; works to address concerns and preserve the rights and benefits of emeritus and retired faculty; provides a voice for retired faculty through an elected representative to the Academic Senate; and, keeps up-to-date with the statewide organization, CSU-ERFA, which protects the rights of retired California State University faculty and staff.

When you join California State University - Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (CSU-ERFA) you automatically become a member of the Sonoma State University Affiliate of ERFA. Download and complete the CSU-ERFA membership application or call the CSU-ERFA office at (818) 718-7996 to request an application.

If you are an emeritus or retired faculty member from another CSU campus and live near Sonoma State, you are most welcome to join us.

SSU Staff are also invited to join ERFA. SSU-ERFA is one serveral ERFA programs that invites staff as well as faculty to the progam to enjoy all of the member benefits.

View Sonoma State University's Calendar of Events. Consider joining us for campus events and programs.

What does CSU-ERFA do for you? Investigate how this important organization represents you and other retired faculty. Visit the CSU-ERFA Web site for additional information.