We provide a comprehensive array of services to support student success at Sonoma with graduation as a goal for all EOP students. We create an environment which enhances an appreciation of diversity. We assist with concerns regarding housing, financial aid, and balancing college with personal life demands while meeting graduation requirements. It is the goal of EOP to increases retention for low-income and first generation students by providing the following programs:


Bridge is required only for 1st Time Freshmen. It is a one-week residential program that takes place the summer after high school graduation. Incoming EOP freshmen live free of charge for a week in the dorms, meet their future classmates and learn about Sonoma. Summer Bridge helps to smooth the transition from high school to college and students begin to form a learning community. The Bridge students become part of the EOP Academy in the Fall.


It is designed to provide academic and social support for First Year Freshman only. As part of the EOP learning community, Freshmen enroll in a block of classes including an English class, a Freshman Seminar and a General Education or academic support class. The Academy fosters a sense of community among EOP students and builds a foundation of skills and knowledge that will help EOP students succeed in an increasingly complex, technologically sophisticated and multicultural world.


Students must file for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for EOP and are encouraged to submit their FAFSA early in January, with income estimates to be corrected later if necessary, to get the best possible package from Financial Aid. Students who are admitted to EOP will be considered for the EOP Grants -which varies and a variety of other grants based on the results of their parent's FAFSA income figures.