Mission Statement

The Sonoma State University Wellness Committee has been developed to promote and encourage healthier lifestyles of our faculty and staff. The program is designed to Improve awareness of the factors that can affect health and longevity. Educate faculty and staff regarding wellness resources available to them. Encourage faculty and staff to take increased responsibility for their health behaviors.

Additionally, faculty and staff are provided the skills necessary to lead healthy lives. The program offers a variety of components.

  • A web page to provide interactive information sharing.
  • Access to University sponsored fitness opportunities such as yoga and the Fitness Center.
  • Instruction to individuals on an array of health and fitness activities including but not limited to:
    • Periodic health related workshops and seminars.
    • Fitness training in the Physical Education building Fitness Center.
    • And many other events.

Program Participants

How you move. What you eat. Work and life in balance.The Wellness Program is a strictly voluntary program available to all employees. The Wellness Program is a benefit made available by Environmental Health & Safety, the Department of Kinesiology, and other schools on campus.

Release Form

Employees who participate in the fitness opportunities arranged through the Wellness Program are required to sign an Informed Consent and Release form as a prerequisite to participation.

Sonoma State University Smoke Free Campus Information

Smoking Cessation Health Plan Benefits

Cessation Options


Contact Us

All members can be found in the campus directory and we can be contacted for comments and/or input. If you do not have a specific person you want to contact then please email Craig Dawson.