Mission and Vision

School of Education Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Education at Sonoma State University is to advance excellence in the education profession through the professional preparation of teachers and educational leaders. Central to this mission is the offering of exemplary professional education programs based on sound theory and practice, current research, sensitivity to the needs of P-12 education, appreciation for diversity, and respect for all learners. It also includes the School’s active role in the social and educational growth of the communities we serve through various partnerships, projects, and initiatives.

School of Education Vision Statement

Our shared vision of School of Education graduates is inextricably linked to our mission, the mission of the University, and our commitment to diversity. The School of Education is committed to preparing educators who:

  • Are agents of individual growth and social change as well as models and advocates of the broader intellectual and social values of a democratic society;
  • Are knowledgeable and thoughtful about the content and methodology in their fields of emphasis;
  • Promote social, emotional, and moral growth and learning in their classrooms, schools, and communities, and respect and encourage the contributions of families and caregivers in the education of children and youth;
  • Design and carry out inclusive educational practice that respects human differences and aims to educate all learners;
  • Continually use inquiry, observation, study, and reflection to improve their practice as educators.