Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for Math and Science Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

What does STEM mean?
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Who is eligible?
See the separate page on eligibility.

How do I apply?
Download and complete the application form.

How will a Noyce Scholarship affect my financial aid?
If your financial aide plus the Noyce scholarship exceeds the total cost of attendance at SSU, then your financial aide award will be reduced by the amount that exceeds the cost of attendance. Monies that would be affected first would be student loans and then grants. In both SSU and NSF experience, in the cases that awards exceeds costs of attendance, Noyce Scholarships are used to reduce loan amounts.

What are my obligations if I receive a Noyce Scholarship?
Noyce Scholars are required to obtain their teaching credential at Sonoma State, attend regular seminars, meet each semester with the single subject advisor, participate in electronic dialogs, and teach in a high-need district for a period of two years, excluding year(s) as an Intern, for every year of financial support from the Noyce Scholarship Program. Undergraduate Noyce Scholars must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 in all undergraduate coursework and in their science, technology,mathematics and economics coursework, with one of these values above 3.0. Post baccalaureate Noyce Scholars must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 in any science, technology, and mathematics coursework.

What if I am not admitted to the SSU Credential Program or can not find a job in a high-needs district?

 If you are not admitted to the Sonoma State Credential Program or cannot find a job in a high-needs district, then your scholarship will be converted into a loan which you will pay back according to terms detailed in the agreement you sign prior to accepting the Noyce Scholarship.  You will have 8 years to complete your obligation to teach in a high-needs district.