Education Specialist Credential: Professional Level II:
Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities

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Basic Program and Structure

Upon completion of the Preliminary Level 1 Education Specialist Credential program, the candidate will be eligible for a Certificate of Eligibility, which is an authorization to seek initial employment as a special education teacher. When employment in a special education teaching position is obtained, the candidate is eligible for the Preliminary Level 1 Education Specialist Credential. Once the preliminary credential is issued, the candidate has five (5) years to complete Professional Level II preparation in special education. As soon as possible, but no later than 120 calendar days of service with the Preliminary Level 1 Education Specialist Credential, the beginning teacher, employer, and a member of the SSU School of Education faculty in the program area of special education collaboratively design a Professional Induction Plan. The Level II induction plan builds on each beginning teacher’s assessed needs and outlines specific goals and activities for facilitating professional development. The candidate must enroll in an approved program for the Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential before the induction plan is completed.

To be eligible for the Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential, the candidate must complete a period of induction for at least one (1) full year with a field mentor (support provider) identified by the employer; must verify successful completion of two years of teaching experience in a full-time special education position, or the equivalent, in a public school (or private school of equivalent status) while holding a Preliminary Level 1 Education Specialist Credential; must enroll in and successfully complete the Professional level II program; and, must be recommended for the Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential by the Institution of Higher Education. Candidates who have been prepared out-of state and received a Preliminary Level I Credential from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing are urged to examine their specific Professional Level II Credential requirements before seeking enrollment in the Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential program. It is the responsibility of the credential holder to make certain that these CCTC requirements are met.


  • Valid Preliminary Level 1 Education Specialist Credential in Mild / Moderate or Moderate / Severe Disabilities
  • Verification of a teaching position in special education in a public school, or a private school of equivalent status

University Coursework for Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities

course number


course title

EDSP 511 1 Professional Induction Plan: Supervised Development
EDSP 512 3 Advanced Issues in Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction of Students with Disabilities
EDSP 513 3 Current and Emerging Research and Practice in Special Education
EDSP 514 3 Advanced Communication, Collaboration & Consultation in Special Education
EDSP 515 3 Advanced Legal Issues in Special Education
EDSP 516 1 Professional Induction Plan: Culminating Assessment
14 Professional Level II Semester Units Total

Non-University Activities:

Non-University based Professional Development Activities approved by the Special Education Program Coordinator and the candidate's field mentor may be sustituted for 3 units of University coursework.

Additional Commission on Teacher Credential (CTC) Requirements may include:

  • EDUC 404 (2) Computer Uses in Education OR EDUC 484 (3) Introduction to Multimedia and Web Authoring (or equivalent)
  • NURS 473 (3) Health Education and Drug Abuse (or equivalent)
  • CPR training (to include Adult, Child, and Infant)