How to Apply to the Preliminary Educational Specialist Program

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We encourage applicants to the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Program to:

Admissions Process

All Credential and Master's Degree Applicants Must Apply to BOTH SSU and the Specific School of Education Program:

  • You must apply to the Sonoma State University as a graduate/post baccalaureate student in order to be admitted to a Credential or Masters program in the School of Education.
  • Please apply to SSU via for your semester of interest.
  • Then complete the application process for the School of Education Credential or Master's Degree program.


Credential Program Application Periods and Deadlines
Credential Program Name

Spring 2017 Application Period

Only complete application packets accepted during the Extended Period on a space available basis

Multiple Subject

Priority- July 1-September 30, 2016

Extended October 3-October 31, 2016

Single Subject Closed
Preliminary Education Specialist

July 1-September 30, 2016

Extended October 3-October 31, 2016

Clear Induction Education Specialist Program Closed
Admin Services Preliminary/Clear Closed (open to qualified Interns only)
offered spring, summer and fall semesters, call 707-664-2832

*Open to qualified intern candidates

NEED PREREQUISITE COURSES? Our prerequisites are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Apply now via, or contact the Credentials Office for information: 707-664-2832 or

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