Apply to the Clear Induction ES Credential Program

We encourage applicants to the Clear Induction Education Specialist Credential Program to:

Admissions Process

All Credential and Master's Degree Applicants Must Apply to BOTH SSU and the Specific School of Education Program:

  • You must apply to the Sonoma State University as a graduate/post baccalaureate student in order to be admitted to a Credential or Masters program in the School of Education.
  • Please apply to SSU via for your semester of interest.
  • Then complete the application process for the School of Education Credential or Master's Degree program.

note: if you are currently in the Preliminary Education Speicialist program, you do not need to file a csumentor application.


Credential Program Application Periods and Deadlines
Credential Program Name Fall 2016 Application Period
Multiple Subject

November 1, 2015- February 28, 2016 (priority application window)

(Extended application period--only complete applications accepted during this time)

Single Subject November 1, 2015- February 28, 2016 (priority application window)
Preliminary Education Specialist November 1, 2015- February 28, 2016 (with prior credential only)
Admin Services Preliminary/Clear November 1 2015 - May 1, 2016
Prerequisites offered spring, summer and fall semesters, call 707-664-2832

*Open to qualified intern candidates

NEED PREREQUISITE COURSES? Our prerequisites are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Apply now via, or contact the Credentials Office for information: 707-664-2832 or

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