TEACH (Teachers Educating and Creating Hope) Week #SSUTeach

The CSSE faculty have envisioned TEACH week as a way to form a sense of community with your credential peers and content-based cohort and to engage in the philosophy, goals, and practices of the Sonoma State credential program. In lieu of the first week of classes, we have created a 3-day event to introduce you our community and welcome you into the profession. 

Goals of TEACH week:

During TEACH Week 2015, the 2015-16 cohort of teacher candidates of the Single-Subject Credential Program in the Sonoma State University School of Education will:

  • Build a shared understanding of the philosophy, foci, and structure of the Sonoma State Single-Subject Credential Program;
  • Become a community of collaborative learners who will learn with and from one another while at Sonoma State and, once they graduate, will continue to view themselves as lifelong learners committed to ongoing professional development;
  • Develop professional dispositions towards teaching that support and enhance their passions for their content areas and improving student learning and caring for students' well-being;
  • Be aware of the evolving demands and opportunities of the 21st century classroom, such as how networked learning is democratizing information; and
  • Understand and appreciate the realities of the challenging and rewarding profession of teaching.

TEACH Week Schedule #SSUTeach

Location: Cooperage (campus map)

Tuesday, August 25, 8 AM-4 PM

Wednesday, August 26, 8 AM-12 NOON OR 12 NOON-4 P

Thursday, August 27, 4-8 PM Cooperage