Apply to Sonoma State University

All Credential and Master's Degree Applicants Must Apply to BOTH SSU and the Specific School of Education Program:

  • You must apply to the Sonoma State University as a graduate/post baccalaureate student in order to be admitted to a Credential or Masters program in the School of Education.
  • Please apply to SSU via for your semester of interest.
  • Then complete the application process for the School of Education Credential or Master's Degree program.
Prerequisite Courses Credential Program

Prerequisite Enrollment Options

Summer - Apply through the Office of Extended Education
Fall or Spring - Submit a Graduate application via and mention in the Statement of Purpose section that you want to take prerequisites.
Candidates may apply to a basic credential program prior to completion of or enrollment in the prerequisites.  All prerequisite coursework must be completed in order to begin a Multiple or Single credential program

Prerequisite courses by Program:
Single Subject Credential Program
EDUC 417 (3) School and Society
EDSS 418 (3) Learning and Development in Adolescents

Multiple Subject Credential Program
EDUC 417 (3) School and Society
EDEC 420 (3) Child Development in the Family, School or Community
EDMS 470 (3) Multicultural Pedagogy is a co-requisite course and can be completed before or during the program.

Course Substitution Process:

If you believe that you completed comparable coursework, please complete the Request for Substitution form  and submit to the School of Education.  One form is required per SSU course.  Transcripts and course descriptions must accompany this form.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Credentials Office at 707-664-2832 or email