Each Semester, CAPS offers a variety of therapy groups, support groups, drop-in discussion groups and wellness workshops.


Some of the groups offered last semester include:

Survivors of Sexual Assault

Understanding Self and Others

Bisexual Discussion Group

Women of Color Collective

Transcending Boundaries: Gender Identity Discussion Group

Ride the Wave: Stress and Anxiety Workshop


All regularly matriculated SSU students, who pay the mental health services fee, are eligible for group meetings.  Some groups require pre-registration at CAPS. If you are interested in participating in a CAPS group, please contact the front desk at (707) 664 – 2153. 

Please check back in September for updates for our Fall 2016 Groups!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Group Therapy at CAPS:

What is group counseling and can it help me?

Each semester, CAPS offers a variety of group therapy experiences. In group therapy, you can count on the expertise of the counselors who facilitate the group, and you can also get to know other students who are experiencing similar issues as you.Groups at the CAPS are designed for students who want to understand themselves and others in greater depth. These may be students who have concerns about relationships with others; students who feel different from their peers because of the type of problem currently being experienced; and/or students who make choices based on what others want or expect instead of evaluating decisions for themselves.

Can I trust that group counseling will be confidential?

The CAPS staff is ethically committed to confidentiality and federal and state laws require it. That means that even your attendance in a group at CAPS is kept private and confidential by our staff. The issue of confidentiality is an important one which is always addressed in the group immediately. Group members are asked to make a commitment to protect each other by agreeing not to divulge details which would identify you outside of group. While it is okay to share your own group experience with friends or family, it is not okay to discuss other members in any way. While we at CAPS cannot provide you an absolute guarantee of confidentiality since we cannot control every group member, our experience indicates that students respect each other’s privacy, because they want their privacy respected in return. Several issues do not remain confidential and are based on the issue of protection. If someone appears to be planning harm to self (suicide), harm to others (homicide), or is aware of children, dependent adults, or elderly individuals who are being abused, the counselor is legally bound to break confidentiality in order to provide individuals the assistance they need.

Who are the group therapists?

Groups are led by doctoral level counselors who have training in group therapy and have expertise in the specific areas that the group has been designed for.

How do I join a group and when does it start?

Every semester, a variety of different groups are offered.  This webpage will be updated with the most current offering of CAPS groups.  If you are interested in joining a group, call 707-664-2153 for more information. Most groups start near the beginning of the semester, so be sure you call within the first 4-6 weeks of the semester. Some groups start mid-semester or have a kind of “rolling admissions” as the group has openings.

Am I eligible for group counseling services?

Students who pay the mental health services fee and are currently enrolled at Sonoma State University are eligible for counseling services.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for services at CAPS.