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Electronic Journals, Magazines & Some Newsletters

These are full-text, on-line journals, magazines, and some newsletters not elsewhere noted. This list is hardly comprehensive but most are free or were recently. Aside from price the major criteria for their inclusion here are interest and quality. Most journals coming "online" are merely advertisement for print journals and many make their materials available in pdf files. Over time many journals may become full-text online but they will probably charge the same fees they do now. Most of these are not noted here but can be found through any of the indexes of these listed below (e.g., the Association of Research Libraries or NewJour links, listed below).

When using these publications be sure to use appropriate citations (e.g., noted above) and follow copyright laws. Each listing is likely to have a copyright section that describes how the materials can be used or reproduced. The idea of on-line publication is still relatively new but longstanding rules related to reproduction and citation related to print journals still apply. As it pertains to music, this web site be of interest: Copyright Criminals: Music Sampling and Copyright Law.

Print journals are continuing to migrate to digital form and new ways of indexing and retrieving journals are redefining the industry. New journals are being created almost daily although in criminology this is proceeding very slowly. The world of publishing has changed in important ways during the past decade.

Hopefully libraries will be the big winners in this shift. However, that seems unlikely right now as libraries are hard hit by escalating costs of publication and huge markups by publishers. Some are arguing that scholars should return to the older model of relatively small scholarly journals controlled directly by professional organizations. We see evidence that this is happening--scholarly societies are recognizing that publishers are making a heap of money for not doing all that much that a scholarly society can do pretty well by itself.

Considering creating your own scholarly journal? Here is one link to a free, open access way to do it being used by the Critical Criminology section of the ASC. See the ALA's Scholarly Communication Toolkit.

As the Budapest Open Access Initiative notes, open access "is economically feasible, readers extraordinary power to find and make use of relevant literature, authors and their works vast and measurable new visibility, readership, and impact."

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Listservs and Discussion Groups

Google Groups offers a simple way of finding groups and creating them.

These are e-mailing lists (listservs), other newsletters, and/or discussion groups, which might involve participating in ongoing discussions in the field. Most are free. Some members never get involved in discussion groups and only "lurk."

A recent center of discussion is : self-described "Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news", which is worth checking out. It's a blog and you can subscribe or just lurk.

To subscribe to some listservs, send a message to the listserv address. Leave the subject area blank, and type in the specified information in the body. For example, to sign up for the mailing list of CJUST-L, address your e-mail to LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU. Leave the subject blank and type SUBSCRIBE CJUST-L <Your><Name> in the body without the < >s. (You may leave out your name if you wish.) Send the message.

If your browser supports the mailto: tag just click on the highlighted listserv addresses to send the message. Be sure to put CJUST-L <your name> (without the < >s) in the body of the message and leave the subject blank.

Please note: many listservs are changing rapidly because of upgraded software in this area. If you go through Google, for example, you bypass these procedures entirely.

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