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Law and the Courts

Legal Search and Reference

ACLU on Criminal Justice. This is a thoughtful web site dealing with core issues of the day.

ABA A consumer oriented site from the American Bar Association.

The Avalon Project. Yale University Law School's fledgling but provocative site that encourages comparative and historical thinking about law.

The Cornell University legal resource site.

The Harvard Law School has a wide ranges of programs, studies and reports of interest, both local and international.

Defense Counsel in Criminal Cases. The state of criminal defense from the Department of Justice, dated 2000.

Federal Grand Jury. Federal and state grand juries are explained.

The Federal Judicial Center, the research arm of the federal court system. They have set a good example for other research units to follow at all levels of government by putting their research reports on-line. You'll need to have Adobe's free Acrobat software to read the files. Instructions on downloading the software are available at the FJC web site.

FindLaw is an excellent general law-related search site that also provides access to the Federal Register. See also the newly released FindLaw Constitutional Law Center, an resource on the United States Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court is an excellent subsection of FindLaw is made by law professors and attorneys and provides law related information for technology and internet professionals. They mainly offer essays and articles on law, technology and related matters.

GPO Access replaced the old GPO Gate site, a complement to FindLaw. There's a lot of free stuff on this site about law for lawyers, students, and the public, but there are also obvious commercial aspirations. It includes the online and free version of American Lawyer and a dictionary of over 3000 legal terms. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Law Library of Congress, the "official" library of Congress, which among other things includes the digital resources of the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), Multinational Collections Database, and the Guide to Law Online.

A Legal Citation Guide. See others at the writing and publishing link. Nicely done. Thank you Cornell.

New and reviewed jurist books on law.

Political Campaign Finance Data. Up-to-date political campaign finance data are directly relevant to understanding how laws are formed and passed. Examine the links below to learn more about where candidate campaign contributions come from and how this relates to legal change:

Center for Responsive Politics

Environmental Working Group

Project Vote Smart

California Voter Foundation Here's where you go to monitor the facts as stated by politicians, brought to you by the staff of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

The Spirit of Laws, Charles de Montesquieu, (1748, tr. Thomas Nugent 1752).

Thomas is the search engine for current federal legislation.

United States Sentencing Commission. The key to sentence types and lengths in the federal system.

The U.S. Information Agency. Issues of Democracy, an electronic journal, contains internet sites on democracy and human rights themes. Here you will find the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and descriptions and discussions of the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

West's Legal Dictionary (listed above as FindLaw).

Courts and Court Decisions

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions. Summaries of Internet-related court decisions. Select Internet Library in the menu and use the keyword search engine.

See the Native Tribal Justice Resource Center link (above).

The United States Federal Judiciary

Federal Rules of Evidence

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices Database. Described as a "multi-user, public database containing a wealth of information on individuals nominated (whether confirmed or not) to the U.S. Supreme Court," the databases and documentation were last updated on March 8, 2007. You can download excel spreadsheets, SPSS databases, etc.

imageSupreme Court Nominations. If you need to know how the process works this is the link for you.

US Supreme Court Opinions

Full-text US Supreme Court Decisions from 1937 to 1975! This includes 7,407 decisions, volumes 300 through 422, of the US Reports. The decisions can be accessed through keyword or case name search; available in ASCII format. Provided by the US Air Force FLITE (Federal Legal Information Through Electronics) system.

US Supreme Court Rules

US Court of Appeals First Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit

US Court of Appeals Third Circuit

US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit

US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit

US Court of Appeals Sixth Circuit

US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit

US Court of Appeals Eighth Circuit

US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit

US Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit

US Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit

US Court of Appeals D.C. Circuit

California's Legal System

Some very informative links about law in California.

First, All U.S. State Constitutions and Web Sites

California Law: All 29 codes (penal, health & safety, fish & game, etc.) available online.

Current State of Senate

The Judicial Branch, State of California. This new site contains a vast amount of legal information about the California judicial system and links you with it. You can find, for example, the opinions of the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal, which are immediately updated, and the California Court System is shown in graphical form illustrating appellate and trial court systems.

California Attorney General's Office

Crime and Violence Prevention Center, also of the California Attorney General's Office, contains prevention materials on gangs, drugs, domestic violence, youth violence, child abuse, elder abuse and Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS).

California Judicial System--Constitutional authority, scope, budget

Supreme Court--Information on members, qualifications, jurisdiction

There are also links to the Courts of Appeal (membership, jurisdiction), Superior Courts (membership, jurisdiction), Municipal Courts (membership, jurisdiction), Judicial Council (membership, committees, activities), Commission on Judicial Appointments (constitutional authority, function), Commission on Judicial Performance (constitutional authority, function), California Judges Association (functions), State Bar of California (constitutional authority, admission, certification, judicial nominees), Map of California Appellate Court Districts (counties included in each of the six districts), The Judicial Council, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and others.

Another source of California judicial opinions

California statutes

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