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Would You Have Parked Here?

One half is labelled "No Parking" and "Fire Lane." The other half is green. There's nowhere else close by to you take the chance it will be okay, wonder what someone had in mind, just plain curious about how this could be?

Still there as of 12/12/02.

A reader comments on 11/19/98:

This would be a good test to see how fair our court system is. I personaly [sic] would not park there because public safety is at risk in case of a [sic] emergency. The bozo who made the mistake should be the one accountable for anyone who parks there. Before I conclude, where was the lazy supervisor and why was'nt [sic] this corrected right away?


Another reader comments on 11/7/00:

my name is ____, and I am a student at Ohio State University, and I was doing some research on criminology and such, and I came across a link to the parking space, with half red, and half green markers. I was curious as to see if anyone had parked there, and if so, what had happened. thanks so much!


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