Employer Services

Seawolf Jobs is Sonoma State's online job listing service.

    The types of positions that can be advertised are:
  • Full-time career positions for graduating seniors and alumni
  • Summer jobs, internships, and seasonal employment
  • Local part-time jobs, in Sonoma County, including student assistant positions on-campus

Resume Books

Enhance your recruiting efforts through Resume Books, our virtual collections of student resumes who have opted in to share their resumes with employers.

Part-time Positions, Summer Jobs & Internships

Part-time Positions, Summer Jobs and Internships have increased in value as employers become more selective in their entry-level hiring. Employers are able to preview the workforce of tomorrow, enhance their campus visibility, and benefit from the addition of temporary employees to help with ongoing and special projects.

Career Services provides the following options for employers to recruit students for pre-career employment —

Academic credit not required: however, students may request credit if they wish (or if employer requires), if position is consistent with academic requirements. Positions may be for specific majors with specific skills/knowledge, or they may be appropriate for all majors at all class levels.

Always paid positions: ranging from competitive hourly wages (75-80% of entry level) to stipends and/or room and board.

Unpaid positions: Unpaid positions are publicized for government or non-profit organizations.

All employers must comply with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, U. S. Department of Labor Guidelines and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices. Consideration should be afforded to all candidates without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or age.

Participate in the Career and Summer Jobs Fair

Career Services provides a full range of programs to directly link employers with Sonoma State students and alumni. We offer employers a range of opportunities to connect and network with students and build invaluable relationships on-campus. Attending our career fair is one of the most effective ways for you to gain visibility and maximize your recruiting potential. We would like to help you maintain a strong visible presence on-campus and interact with students face-to-face. This is your opportunity to:

  • talk to students from all majors
  • educate students on your hiring practices, desired skills and recruiting cycles
  • recruit for part-time, career, internship, and summer positions

For additional information on our career fair, please contact Anya Bergman at 707-664-2730.