Sport Club Fundraising Handbook
This is everything you need to know about Fundraising. Policies, Procedures, and Fundraising ideas are all in this handbook.

Selling Merchandise at Home Games or Events
If you are selling merchandise at a home game or event, please fill out this form at least 1 week in advance and turn into CES.

Sample Budget
Here is an example Sport Club budget. Please use this if needed for your teams budget.

Cover Letter
If you are going to do a fundraiser, make sure to print this cover letter to get your fundraiser approved.

Social Media Guide
A guide to using social media.

Eligibility Form
If you need the registrar to verify eligibility for a regional or national competition, please use this form.

Supplemental Coaches Contract Example
If you are looking for your coach to do more for your club, use this supplemental contract to turn in with your coaches contract. You can demand more from your coach, but you can only hold them to it through this document.

Coach Hiring
Looking for the right person? A visual chart to assist with successfully hiring a coach.

Coaching Concerns
Dissatisfied with your situation? A visual chart to assist with addressing a problem.

Hazing Quick Sheet
Information you need to know about Hazing

Concussion Videos and Protocols

SCAT 2 Concussion Test
If you or a fellow teammate has had a concussion or a possible concussion, you can use this tool to test them. If they show signs of a concussion, always send them to the DOCTOR!!! They can be seen by their primary physician or the Health Center doctors on campus. When in Doubt, Get checked out!

What athletes should know about concussions
All athletes should read over this material regarding concussions and how to deal with them