Personal Training

Valid SSU Student ID or Recreation Center Membership required for program participation.


How to Sign Up for Personal Training

  1. Visit the Campus Rec Front Desk
  2. Select a training package
  3. Payment (cash, check, or credit card) is due when package is purchased. You will receive a receipt for your records.
  4. Fill out a Health History Packet form at the time of purchase and return to Front Desk
  5. Within 2 business days, the trainer will be in contact to set up appointment 


FREE consultation available

Contact Rhianna Huey at 707-664-4307 or

Fitness Packages

Personal Trainers will utilize the Fitness Assessment along with medical history and individual goals to design, implement, and monitor a fitness-training program.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training Choose your buddy - Train for a fraction of the price! Designed for 2-5 participants, Small Group Training offers the experience and benefits of personal training for those short on motivation and cash

Small Group Training Prices
Number of Sessions Price
3 Small Group Training Sessions $90
6 Small Group Training Sessions: $156
Additional Small Group Training Sessions $30

One-on-One Session Pricing
Number of Sessions Price
3 One-on-One Sessions $75
6 One-on-One Sessions $138
9 One-on-One Sessions $189
12 One-on-One Sessions $240
Additional Personal Training Sessions $25


Fitness Assessment:
This full assessment includes body composition, blood pressure measurement, aerobic fitness analysis, simple range of motion test, and muscular strength and endurance assessments.  $25
Body Composition Assessment:
This assessment utilizes skin fold calipers to measure percent body fat vs. lean mass.  Results are interpreted and recommendations are made as necessary. $10
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