Massage Styles

Your body's needs change from day to day; what feels good after a strenuous workout may not have the same effect on a day you want to relax. Our massage sessions are customized to meet your individual needs. Talk with your therapist before and during your session to ensure the best massage therapy possible. Some common massage styles are listed below:

Oil/Lotion is applied to the skin in long, flowing strokes. Client may disrobe partially or completely. Body is covered with sheets and blankets except area being massaged. The overall effect is soothing and relaxing.
Deep Tissue:
Works through the superficial muscle groups and gets closer to the bone. Discuss injuries with your therapist first to make sure DT is appropriate for you.
Sports Massage:
Blend of techniques designed to stimulate blood flow and increase joint range of motion. Clothes are usually left on. Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness if received 2 hours after a workout.

A form of acupressure massage, developed in Japan. The word "shiatsu" in Japanese in fact means, "finger pressure." Shiatsu massage is typically performed on the floor on a mat. The recipient removes their shoes, but remains fully clothed; no oils or lotions are used. The work includes a combination of muscle compression & softening, joint mobilization & stretching, and stimulation of acupressure points, leaving the client relaxed, calm and energized.


Is often described as having someone "perform yoga" on you. The work itself includes general, rhythmic pressure on the body followed by thumb pressure along specific lines, and stretches. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement; no oils or lotions are used.

Chair Massage:
Gives immediate relief of muscle spasm, especially in the back or shoulders. Client keeps clothes on and sessions are generally 20 minutes or less. Chair massages are also a great assessment tool to find out where you may need long term therapy.