inMotion Class Descriptions

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New Classes

Dynamically stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. This is a full-body flexibility technique that works through the muscle chains liberating, relieving from tension and empowering the muscles in the process.
A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. A very effective, thorough workout that will push you past your limits while gaining tools for self-defense!
Get ready to participate in the highest level of cardio training. It employs resistance training to achieve faster body composition changes and sculpt your muscles. The only gear you will need is a bottle of water and a towel!


Boot Camp
Increase your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health with Boot Camp! High intense interval training, working all major muscle groups, and spicing it up each class to keep you on your toes!
Indoor Cycling
Using our stationary bikes, the instructor will take you through various trills and rides. Instructors offer the ability to personalize your workout to either a challenging or more moderate workout!
Includes a combination of stretching, relaxation, and self-awareness. Participants will utilize virtually all muscle groups in order to achieve the ideal yoga experience.

The One Stop Body Shock™ is a "Plateau Proof Fitness Formula" that helps you to create continuity, consistency, and challenge in each and ever R.I.P.P.E.D. class. It is Plateau Proof because each component of the workout provides a uniquely different emphasis or system response, so your body never gets accustomed to the constantly changing format. Thus, regular R.I.P.P.E.D. participants achieve undeniable, ultimate results in minimal time, boasting 750-1000 calories burned in just 50 minutes.
Strength & Conditioning
Alternate through strength and cardio intervals in this challenging fitness class. Every major muscle group gets attention with bouts of explosive cardio in between!
An athletic blend of Pilates, Yoga, and MORE! Move at a comfortable tempo from one pose to another in “spiced up” yoga that you’ll never forget! PiYo will give you a good core workout and will help you to increase your flexibility.
Ditch the workout and join the party! This is a high energy and exciting Latin-style fitness class! Dance your way into a great workout with fun dance moves and great music!
Abs, Buns, & Thighs
Specialized to focus in on abs, buns and thighs using workouts that target these 3 body parts. 30 minutes for a quick targeted workout!