inMotion Class Descriptions

Buns and Thighs: a double threat to your body that targets all the muscles below your waist.

Cardio abs: Burn calories and build an iron core with a combination of cardio and abdominal strengthening movement.

Core Stability: build a strong core and back with Pilates and yoga inspired exercises that will leave you feeling aligned and energized.

Core Flex: strength and toning class that focuses on the back, shoulders, arms and core.

Deep Stretch: a mixture of pilates and yoga that helps you burn calories tone muscle and improve balance and flexibility.

Good Vibrations: Good VIBration Class is a comprehensive active and passive full body workout. Bring your senses and body awareness to the next level.


Indoor Cycling: Group exercise class done on stationary bikes.

Power Flow Yoga
 work your body, building strength, balance and flexibility. Power Flow Yoga is a very organically moving, sweaty flow with focus on engaging your core correctly throughout your practice.

RPMax: high intensity interval training on a stationary bike.

True Griit: high Intensity interval training that keeps your heart rate up, burns fat and tones the body.

Yoga: a balanced combination of sustained poses and fluid movement to bring physical balance to the body.

Zumba: an aerobic fitness program inspired by various styles of Latin American Dance.