Climbing Wall Staff

Lyell Wycko

Home Town: San Francisco

Major: Psychology

If I were to first ascent I'd name it "Chandrian." I haven't done a lot of outdoor climbing, but my favorite indoor climbing wall would be The Dogpatch in San Francisco. I started climbing during the fall semester of 2014 at the one and only SSU climbing wall. I climb primarily, but spend a fair amount of time rafting, backpacking, skiing, and snowboarding when I can.




Andrew R. MacDonald

Home Town: Danville

Majors & Minors: English Literature, Philosophy, Film Studies

If ever I achieve the first ascent of some pillar somewhere, I will name it "Arty’s New Groove" after my grandfather. I've recently wondered what rock climbing with someone so old and dear would have been like. Am I allowed to use the special aid ascender behind the wall? How does one pull another person up a wall? Would he have liked such a pursuit, or does a tailor's interest end at his shop door? I've been climbing trees for most of my life. I first held on to some rocks about eight years ago. Those first rocks were in Rock City, as its called, on the mountain which measures high over my hometown. They are sandy and scarred with paint to the point of unfortunate ruin. Fortunately I've found and frequently visited the wonderful rock formations surrounding the town of Bishop, CA, and running on either side of Truckee's I80 corridor. Castle Peak woot woot!


Ella Corbett

Home Town: Grass Valley

Major: Psychology/Liberal Studies

If I were the first to ascend a route I would name it “Jazz Hands”, for various reasons. Number one reason being that once a following participant were to complete my route hopefully a small session of jazz hands would be the automatic celebratory response. I have also found that doing jazz hands tends to help me with the pumped sensation found in the forearm region usually experienced when one climbs for too long. Also, it is just a rather catchy name. I have been rock climbing for two years, and the majority of my outdoor climbing experience has been in the Donner area.

John Salman

Home Town: Santa Barbara

Major: Computer Science

 I started climbing last semester and it quickly became an obsession. I've done most of my climbing right here at the climbing wall. My goal in the coming months is to climb San Ysidro. If I got the first ascent of a route I'd name it John Salman.



Josh Krisman

Home Town: San Jose

Major: Environmental Studies & Planning with a concentration in conservation and restoration

I started climbing about five years ago with one of my good friends from high school. In order to build up my strength, I started climbing at the indoor gym­­ Planet Granite. I was instantly hooked and started climbing as often as I possibly could. I quickly progressed to more difficult routes, which motivated me to push my boundaries and eventually climb outdoors. My all time favorite place to climb would have to be outside the town of Bishop in an area known as the buttermilks. Not only is there some of the best climbing in the country, but you're able to recover in the local hot springs after a hard day of climbing. If I were to get the first ascent on a route, I would name it chupacabra after one of my favorite mountain biking trails in order to pay tribute to my roots.

Josh Madura(JREX)

Home Town: Santa Rosa

Major: Accounting

If I were to get a first ascent of a route I'd name it The Flying Dutch Crunch. My favorite crag is Owens River Gorge in Bishop. I've done a majority of my climbing in Bishop. I started climbing two years ago here at the Rock Wall and have loved it ever since. I'm the Head Route Setter here at SSU and also a Building Supervisor at the front desk. Come say hi to me and keep crushing!

Madi von Rotz

Home Town: Sacramento

Major: Environmental Studies & Planning

I started climbing at the Rec Center the beginning of my freshman year and haven't left since!

Sydney Reckas

Home Town: Pacific Grove

Major: Kinesiology/Environmental Studies & Planning

I started climbing consistently about 5 years ago after I participated in the Wilderness Welcome Program here at SSU. For me climbing is all about getting outside and experiencing the beauty of our natural world while also challenging my physical and mental fortitude. A few of my favorite haunts are Bishop, Lover’s Leap, and Yosemite.

Taylor Leach

Home Town: Oakdale

Major: Biochemistry

My name is Taylor Leach, named after the character in the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, George Taylor. I was Born and raised in Oakdale, California, also know as the, "Cowboy Capital of the World,” which may or may not be self proclaimed. Currently I am a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, struggling to stay afloat along with all other biochem students. I am also a pitcher on the baseball team for Sonoma State. On my free time I enjoy climbing at my local crag Table Mountain, but always enjoy making the trip up to Yosemite. If I were to have a first ascent of a route, I would call it, “stranger than friction.”


Home Town: Oakdale

Major: Environmental Studies & Planning with a concentrating on Energy Management and Design

I am originally from San Ramon, which is in the Bay Area. The first time I climbed was outside on a backpacking trip. Once I tried it, I immediately fell in love with it and continued climbing on teams, through organizations, and just for fun. I now work (and spend most of my free time) here at the SSU rock wall, where I share my passion of climbing with other students and climbers.