Rules, Risk, & Waiver


  1. Climbers may only climb during posted climbing wall hours and when qualified attendants are on duty.
  2. All climbers must have a signed Rec Center waiver and a signed Climbing Wall waiver on file to climb.
  3. All climbers must be at least 16 years of age to belay.
  4. Only harnesses designed for rock climbing can be used on the wall.
  5. Personal equipment must be checked and cleared by the staff to be used on the climbing wall.
  6. Climbing wall staff has the right to refuse the use of personal equipment if quality is in question.
  7. Figure 8 and Micro Plate Belay Devices will not be allowed for any use within the climbing facility except for special instruction.
  8. The Figure-Eight Follow-Through knot is the only knot allowed to secure the rope to the climbers harness.
  9. Locking carabineers are not to be used to secure the climber to the rope.
  10. Only a locking carabineer may be used to secure the belay device to the harness.
  11. There will be no climbing above the second clip without a rope (no high ball bouldering).
  12. Bouldering is allowed in the bouldering area and throughout the gym provided that the climber does not boulder beneath a roped climber.
  13. It is recommended that belayers use the floor anchors to prevent being pulled up into the air or into the wall.
  14. Climbers must not climb past the top rope anchors.
  15. Climbers and belayers should use commonly accepted communication signals such as: "On belay" - "Belay on" - "Climbing" - "Climb on" - "Tension/Take" - "Got you" - "Ready to lower” -  “Lowering"
  16. Only climbing shoes are allowed for climbing. No sandals, sneakers, toe shoes, or bare feet.
  17. Climbers must climb under the designated top rope station.
  18. Loose chalk is permitted in a chalk bag so long as it has some kind of stopper if spilled, such as a rolled up sock or chalk ball.
  19. No horseplay or misconduct will be tolerated, such as swinging on the ropes or taking big falls on the crash pads.
  20. Climbers should remove all jewelry and tie long hair back.
  21. Climbers are also encouraged to assist less experienced climbers.