Campus Life

Clubs and Organizations 

Make your college life exciting and challenging by becoming involved in one or more student clubs and organizations on campus.  Categories of organizations range from academic/departmental, cultural, spiritual, political, special interest, performing arts, fraternity and sorority life, and competitive sport clubs.  Involvement in these organizations provide Seawolves with: campus and community connections, leadership development opportunities, and experiences to build skills that can be used after graduation and for a lifetime.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Joining a Greek organization allows you to connect with your peers, engage in a larger community, and build personal skills.  With over 20 different fraternities and sororities represented at Sonoma State University, students will be able to find their place among the Greek community.

Sports Clubs

Sonoma State University offers over 20 competitive sport clubs.  Sport clubs are student organized and operated and provide students with an opportunity to play a sport in a fun, yet competitive environment.  All skill levels are welcome!