Lobo's Pantry: Tuesday + Fridays, 2-6 P.M.

Zinfandel Plaza
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As you know, the public health crisis surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve quickly. We are proud to be able to support student basic needs through this difficult time by keeping Lobo's Pantry open. Adjustments may need to be made to this plan as the usage pattern is determined and as the county and state public health orders change. Lobo's Pantry will be open on Tuesday and Fridays from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. Distribution will be limited to a pre-packaged bag of staple foods. NOTE: Students who are feeling ill in any way should NOT come to the pantry.  Please see the SSU COVID-19 site. 

Pick-Up Guidelines: 1) Bags will be placed on the table prior to distribution times 2) no lines will be allowed to form 3) students will park in Lot A or in the small lot to the North of the Children’s School 4) students will enter from the east side of the Zinfandel plaza and exit to the west to reduce interaction 5) social distancing of six feet between people must be maintained at all times, 6) hand sanitizer will be provided at the tables 7) students will pick bags up from the table 8) staff will stay 6 feet away from distribution tables during pick up and 9) staff will wear gloves at all times.

For students who need a hand getting supplies but have already left the area, check out foodpantries.org and this list of food banks in California

Students at Lobo's Pantry