Fall 2015 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm, Darwin 103

Aug 25th Introductory Meeting – Dr. Murali Pillai, Colloquium Coordinator
Sept 1st
(Host: Keller)
Dr. Bora Inceoglu, University of California - Davis. "Neuropathic Pain, a Paradox and an Unmet Clinical Need: New Molecular Tools Reveal New Mechanism, Predict New Drug Targets and Drugs for Pain."
Sept 8th
(Host: Lee)
Dr. Lei Lani Stelle, University of Redlands. "Whale mAPP: How the Public Can Help Scientists Map Marine Mammals for Conservation."
Sept 15th
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Miri VanHoven, San Jose State University. "A New Model for Understanding the Effects of Sensory Activity on Neural Circuits."
Sept 22nd
(Host: Geist)
Dr. Jonathon Stillman, San Francisco State University - Romberg Tiburon Center. "Physiological Responses of Crabs to Ocean Acidification and Warming."
Sept 29th
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Javier A Ceja-Navarro, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Harnessing the Biotechnological Potential Stored in Insects for Lignocellulose Degradation."
Oct 6th
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Mark McCormick, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato. "Studying Lifespan and Aging Using the Budding Yeast S. cerevisiae and the Nematode C. elegans."
Oct 13th
(Host: Khudyakov)
Dr. Titus Brown, University of California - Davis. "Genome Sequencing, Biology, and Big Data: The Challenges and Opportunities That Lie Ahead of Us in Biology and Medicine."
Oct 20th
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Santa Clara University. "Local Adaptation in Response to Climate Change: Hot Times in Cold Places."
Oct 27th
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Engineering Electric Communication."
Nov 3rd
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Neslihan Taş-Baas, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Climate-Mediated Changes in Microbial Ecology of Artic Soils."
Nov 10th
(Host: Rank)
Hiromi Uno, University of California - Berkeley. "Life of Aquatic Insects in Thermally Heterogeneous Rivers and Their Ecosystem Impacts."
Nov 17th
(Host: Zippay)
Dr. Nann Fangue, University of California, Davis. Title: "Physiological and Behavioral Approaches to Studying the Biological State of California Native Fishes."
Nov 24th
Thanksgiving Break - Campus Closed
Dec 1st
(Host: Geist)
Jonathan Young, Presidio Trust of San Francisco. "The Restoration of an Urban Lake: Socio-Ecological Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century."
Dec 8th
(Host: Girman)
Dr. Karin Jaffe, Sonoma State University. "Applied Animal Behavior: University-Zoo Collaborative Research that Enhances the Welfare of Captive Animals and the Academic Experience of Students."