FALL 2016 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm, Darwin 103

Aug 23rd Introductory Meeting – Dr. Michael Cohen, Colloquium Coordinator
Aug 30th
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Johnathon D. Anderson, University of California, Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures. "Cellular Smartphones, Secreted Vesicles and Disease"
Sept 6th
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Bart Borek, University of California, San Diego Center for Circadian Biology. "Engineering Spatiotemporal Patterns in Biological Systems"
Sept 13th
(Host: Cushman)
Dr. Lisa P. Bentley, Sonoma State University, Department of Biology. "The Shape of Trees and Other Stuff"
Sept 20th
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Jill Fuss, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Molecular Machines at the Crossroads of Cancer and Aging"
Sept 27th
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Johan Andersen-Ranberg, University of California, Berkeley. "Algae for the Production of High-Value Compounds"
Oct 4th
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Allyson Spence, University of California, San Francisco. "Regulatory T Cells and the Prevention of Autoimmune Type I Diabetes"
Oct 11th
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Chong He, Buck Institute for Research on Aging. "Targeting Aging Pathways to Extend Lifespan and Healthspan"
Oct 18th
(Host: Grady)
Dr. Annie Schmidt, Point Blue Conservation Science. "Long Term Demographic Monitoring of Adelie Penguins in Antarctica's Ross Sea"
Oct 25th
(Host: Cohen )
Dr. Melina Kozanitas, University of California, Berkeley. "A Brief History of Forest Pathogens and the Rise of Sudden Oak Death"
Nov 1st
(Host: Cohen )
Dr. Melissa Roth, University of California, Berkeley. "Coral Reef Conservation Through Insights in Physiology and Photosynthesis"
Nov 8th
(Host: Lee)
Dr. Frank Anderson, Souther Illinois University, Carbondale. "Invasion of the Worms: Annelid Phylogeny and the Molecular Events Underlying Major Habitat Transitions"
Nov 15th
(Host: Cushman)
Dr. Whendee Silver, University of California, Berkeley. "Composting Carbon: Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Grassland Soils"
Nov 22nd
(Host: Zippay)
Dr. Anne Todgham University of California, Davis. "When Two Plus Two Doesn't Equal Four: Multiple Stressors and Antartic Fishes"
Nov 29th
(Host: Kainuma)
Dr. Masakazu Iwai, University of California, Berkeley. "Visualizing Dynamics of Photosynthesis Using Super-Resolution Live-Cell Imaging Techniques"
Dec 6th
(Host: Lee)
Dr. Ruth Gates, University of Hawaii, Manoa. "Harnessing Basic Science to Advance Solutions for Coral Reefs"