Spring 2016 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm, Darwin 103

Jan 26th Introductory Meeting – Dr. Nathan Rank, Colloquium Coordinator
Feb 2nd
(Host: Wininger)
Dr. Lmar Babrak, Agricultural Research Service. "Mycobacterium Avium Microaggregate Formation in the Respiratory Tract."
Feb 9th
(Host: Pillai )
Dr. Barbara Bailus, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato. "Towards Gene Therapy for Neurological Diseases."
Feb 16th
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Misha Leong, California Academy of Sciences. "Bees in a Changing World: How Land Surface Phenology, Bee Community Distributions, and Pollinator-Plant Interactions are Impacted by Urbanization and Agriculture."
Feb 23rd
(Host: Girman)
Dr. Adina Merenlender, University of California, Berkeley. "California Naturalist Program and Citizen Science."
Mar 1st
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Ping Hu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "What Can I Do With NGS Data? A Tutorial."
Mar 8th
(Host: Crocker)
Dr. Jesse Krause, University of California, Davis. "Phenology and Ecophysiology of Arctic Breeding Songbirds."
Mar 15th
Mar 22nd
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Manfred Auer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Imaging Biological Function Across the Scales - From Macromolecular Complexes to Organelles, Cells, and Tissues and From Microbes to Microbiomes."
Mar 29th
(Host: Zippay)
Dr. Luke Miller, San José State University. "Bio-Logging Mussels on the Wave-Swept Shore: Small-Scale Variation in Behavioral and Biophysical Drivers of Stress."
Apr 5th
(Host: )
Dr. Benjamin Perlman, Stanford University. "Squiggles, Pounces, and Tail-Flips: The Biomechanics of an Amphibious Fish."
Apr 12th
(Host: Lee)
Dr. Christopher Lowe, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University. "Early Evolutionary Origins of the Vertebrate Brain."
Apr 19th
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Roberta Millstein, University of California, Davis. "Can a Community Concept be Reconciled with an Ecosystem Concept?"
Apr 26th
Dr. Elise Gornish, University of California, Davis. "Demographic Approaches to Vegetation Management in the Western U.S."
May 3rd
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Rebecca Clark, University of California, Berkeley. "Nutrient Regulation in Insects."
May 10th
(Host: Crocker)
Dr. Gitte McDonald, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory. "Pushing the Limit: Diving Physiology of Marine Mammals."