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ASC is 40 years old!

Dave Fredrickson, our founder, would be amazed to know that the organization he begun in his Anthropology Department office has reached this milestone. That’s 40 years of paying SSU students (over $136,000 this fiscal year) to get experience in archaeology and historic preservation. ASC sponsored 25 undergraduate and graduate student internships (Anth 496, 596) this fiscal year. The measurement of our success is in the many former student staff members who can be found in private companies, government agencies, and universities up and down the West Coast. You just can’t get away from them.Whitney at 399 Fremont

In recognition of this achievement, ASC was chosen to host the annual meeting of the Nichols Founders Society, which honors donors who contribute to Sonoma State through charitable remainder trusts, life estates, living trusts, and other bequests. Among the speakers was our own Whitney McClellan who told the assembled multitude about her ASC experience and ASC project-derived MA thesis.

Dave’s legacy of financial responsibility is one of the reasons for ASC’s longevity. It’s not enough just to do good archaeology — one must also pay attention to the business side. This year, about one-third of the randomly chosen SSU accounts audited by the CSU Chancellor’s Office were from ASC. In a remarkable outcome that shouts out the quality of Giovanna Rossetti and her Business Office staff, the auditors had no “findings”!

As usual, we have been doing projects up and down California. But we don’t keep the information to ourselves. This year ASC staff and students gave 28 papers and other presentations at conferences from Los Angeles to Seattle. Once again, Dave’s emphasis on professional engagement continues down the years as ASC stipends allowed several SSU students to strut their stuff on the professional stage.

Thanks to Maria Ribeiro and Dana Shew who assembled this annual report with contributions by ASC staff.

Adrian Praetzellis
ASC Director