Position Discriptions

Executive Officers

The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Associated Students. This individual represents the Associated Students to the campus community and serves as a liaison to the President of the University. The AS President supervises the Executive Director of AS.

The Executive Vice-President serves as the Corporate Secretary and is responsible for ensuring the organization maintains up to date records of its activities. Additionally, the Executive Vice-President is the chief student academic representative, attending and meeting with Academic Senate and various academic related committees on campus.

The Vice-President of Finance serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Associated Students. In their role as CFO, the Vice-President oversees and approves all financial transactions of the organization. The Vice-President of Finance provides recommendations to the AS Senate regarding the finances of the Associated Students. This position serves as a liaison to the University Chief Financial Officer (Vice-President of Administration & Finance).

School Senators

Serves and represent the best interests of the constituents within the 5 Schools at SSU: Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics, Education, Science & Technology, Social Sciences. Please note School Senators are required to be a major from the school they represent

Special Interest Senators

The Community Affairs Senator will advocate on behalf of the students of Sonoma State University to the Rohnert Park/Cotati community. Additionally the Community Affairs Senator will work to build collaborative town and gown relationships between the SSU campus community and the surrounding community.

The Diversity Senator will promote cultural awareness and involvement, advocating for issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice, while also supporting multicultural competence and skill development within the student academic experience.

The Involvement Senator shall represent the interest of students involved in student organizations and promote opportunities for involvement to students at Sonoma State University.

The Statewide Issues Senator will advocate for the students of Sonoma State University on issues related to higher education and the California State Legislature. Additionally, this position serves as the representative to the California State Student Association (CSSA).

The Student Services Senator shall work to ensure that students of Sonoma State University are provided with adequate programs and services to enhance their college experience.

The Senator for Sustainability shall promote awareness of sustainability to students, while also advocating students’ perspective on sustainability issues at Sonoma State University.

The Undeclared Senator will advocate for the undeclared students of Sonoma State University. While not required, this is a great position for an upper-class student to mentor undercard students and assist in developing opportunities