University Committees Representatives

As the official representative voice for all Sonoma State University students, the Associated Students appoints students to serve on University committees, alongside, faculty, staff and administrators. University Committees provide counsel to the University regarding planning, academics, student life and a variety of issues.

Student representation on University committees allows students to have input in the shared governance process of the University and voice the perspective and concerns of students at SSU.

Current University Committees and their appointed Student Representative(s):

Academic Advising Subcommittee

Tyler Stenzel, Jeff Young

Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee (AABAC)

Paul Ramey, Alex Barker

Academic Freedom Subcommittee

Stephanie Parreira

Academic Planning Committee(APC)

Katie Havens

Academic Senate

Paul Ramey, Emily Hurd, Amanda Burke

ADAC Education and Prevention Subcommittee

ADAC Policy & Enforcement Subcommittee

Alcohol & Drug Advisory Committee (ADAC)

Athletic Advisory Council

Samantha Yates

Alternative Transportation Committee

Jeff Young

Disabled Student Services Advisory Committee

Dispute Resolution Boar

Emily Hurd, Andrew Wester

Campus Planning Committee (CPC)

Amanda Burke, Tyler Stenzel

Campus Re-engineering Committee (CRC)

Alex Boyar, Collin Yballa, Katie Havens, Robbie Siverly

Campus Safety Committee

Samantha Yates

Copeland Creek Advisory Committee

Stephanie Parreira, Tyler Stenzel

Educational Policies Committee (EPC)

Paul Ramey

Faculty Standards and Affairs Committee (FSAC)

Emily Hurd

Fee Advisory Committee (FAC)

Alex Boyar, Collin Yballa, Tony Kerr, Patrick Maloney

General Education Subcommittee

Alex Barker

Gender & Sexuality Stakeholders Exploratory Workgroup

Kim Liaz, Kelan Carrizosa

Graduate Initiative

Paul Ramey

Graduate Studies Subcommittee

Christopher Stockdale

Multi-Cultural Center Advisory Committee

Kim Liaz, Laura Paneno, Taylor Bonilla, Kelan Carrizosa

President's Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC)

Alex Boyar, Collin Yballa

President's Diversity Council

Alex Boyar, Taylor Bonilla

Senate Diversity Subcommittee

Kim Liaz

Sonoma State Enterprises Board of Directors

Alex Boyar, Collin Yballa

Sonoma Student Union Corporation Board of Directors

Amanda Kosty

Enrollment Management Advisory Committee

Alex Boyar

Student Affairs Committee

Amanda Kosty, Tony Kerr

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

Bibi Rahimzada, Laura Paneno, Chelsea Dillon

Web Advisory Committee

Jeff Young


  1. The Chair of the Senate will accept your application and then review it.
  2. The Chair of the senate will contact you with the information given on your application to schedule an interview with you if necessary, or give information regarding your application.
  3. If selected to sit on a University Committee, the chair of the senate will contact you and confirm that you are able and willing to sit on a university committee. The Chair of the senate will provide you with any information and training you need and how to report back to the Associated Students from your University Committee.
  4. Once on a committee it is important to make sure you are reporting back to a representative of the Associated Students.

What is a University Committee?
University committees are a group of faculty, staff and students formed by the University administration to work on an issue pertaining to that committee’s purpose.

How much of a time commitment is it to be a member of a University Committee?
Depends on the committee. Some committees will only meet once a month and others will meet biweekly. However, each meeting will only last from 1-2 hours. You are expected to report back to the Associated Students after each committee meeting.

What is your purpose as a committee member?
Your purpose as a member of a committee is to participate in shared governance with the rest of the SSU campus and advocate on behalf of the students on those issues discussed at University Committees.

Contact the Chair of the Senate at