Boards, Committee & Councils

The Associated Students is a student-run organization and auxiliary of Sonoma State University. Leadership for the organization is provided through the AS Senate, which serves as the governing body for the organization and its programs and services. The Senate works to represent the best interests of the student body of Sonoma State University and the Associated Students as an organization.

Five Boards exist within the governance structure of the AS Senate and have been delegated authority to address specific matters. Currently, the Boards of the Senate include the Internal Affairs Board, the Legislative Affairs Board, the Representation & Engagement Board, the Personnel Committee and the Children’s School Governing Board.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in student governance through appointment on several University-wide Committees alongside faculty, staff and campus administrators. Students may also become involved through our Student Advisory and Student Interest Councils.

Please lean more about the Senate and its boards below. Information regarding University committees and Student Advisory/Interest Councils may also be found in this area.

The Senate serves as the governing board and authority to the Associated Students, responsible for oversight of the organization, including its programs, services and operations. Additionally, the AS Senate serves as the representative student voice for all SSU students.

The AS Senate is composed of the 15 elected officers (voting), a University President’s Designee (Matthew Lopez-Phillips, VP for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, non-voting), an Academic Senate Representative (non-voting) and two advisors (the AS Executive Director and Student Government Coordinator, both non-voting).

2011-2012 AS Senate Meetings are scheduled for every other Friday at 10 a.m. in the Vista Room of the Student Union. Please see the Minutes and Agenda section for additional meeting information.

The Internal Affairs Board serves as the Senate work group to manage and give advice and counsel to the Senate on corporate and organizational wide issues, including the budget, audits, investments, financial operations, organization wide marketing and the appointment and removal of officers.

Membership: AS Vice-President of Finance, Social Sciences Senator, Business & Economics Senator and Science & Technology Senator and Arts & Humanities Senator

Meetings are Mondays at 4 p.m. in the Erin Fisher Room of the Student Union.

The University Affairs Board serves as the senate work group that is responsible for managing University and Academic Affairs related issues for the senate. As well as manage and facilitate the relationship and lines of communication between university governance and the student body.

Membership: AS Executive Vice-President, Business and Economics Senator, Social Sciences Senator, Undeclared Senator, Arts and Humanities Senator and Science and Technology Senator.

Meetings are every other Friday at 10 a.m. in the Erin Fisher Room of the Student Union

The Personnel Committee is delegated responsibility by the Senate for administration and development of personnel policies and procedures pertaining to hiring, evaluation, promotion, reclassification, salary adjustments, terminations, disciplinary action, benefits and employee rights and privileges. Membership: AS President (Chair), AS Executive Vice-President, AS Vice-President of Finance, AS Vice-Chair of the Senate, SSU Vice-President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, SSU Senior Director of Human Services (or designee), AS Executive Director

The Student Life Board serves as the Senate work group to manage issues related to student life and co-curriculum at Sonoma State and to seek out student opinion, keep students up to date on relevant events and serve as a resource between chartered student student organizations (CSO), the University and AS.

Membership: AS President, Diversity Senator, Community Affairs Senator and Statewide Issues Senator, Involvement Senator and Sustainability Senator.

Meetings are Thursday at 5:00 p.m. in the Erin Fisher Room of the Student Union.