About Us

The Student Government of the Associated Students exists to serve the students at Sonoma State University through awareness, advocacy and representation. Through the AS Senate and its Boards, Student Government serves as the official voice for all students of Sonoma State University.

Elected and appointed representatives serve as leaders, educating SSU students regarding pertinent issues, events, programs, services and information to enhance their college experience and quality of education, while also advocating on their behalf.

Students Government also works to empower students of Sonoma State University to engage in shared governance, representing the student perspective to members of the campus community through leadership and active citizenship.

Student Government Structure
Student Government is composed of 15 elected officers, including three executive officers (President, Executive Vice-President and Vice-President of Finance), twelve Senators representing the five academic schools and seven areas of student interest as well as the Chair of the Senate, who serves as an Executive Officer, appointed by the AS Senate.

Elected Officers:

  • Serve as student representatives & advocates for all students
  • Establish policy and direction for the Associated Students
  • Oversee the strategic planning and overall direction for the corporation
  • Manage the programs and services of the Associated Students (ASP, Children’s School, JUMP, Student Government, etc.)

Elected officers of the Associated Students are here to serve the students of Sonoma State University. Have a question or concern about campus life; please contact one of the elected officers.

Org Chart: Officer Chart 2012-2013