Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to hear back about my grant?

A. If you submit a grant by Tuesday at 12PM, you will be notified of your grant's status by the following Friday before 5PM. However, any grants submitted after Tuesday at 12PM may take up until the next Friday to be notified of the status. Approval or denial times may fluctuate due to staff availability or grant submission volume. Travel grants that require booking of vans, hotels, etc., should be submitted at least one month prior to the expected travel date to allow adequate time bookings.

Q. How does our club get Grant money?

A. To apply for a Grant, you must be a club in good standing, with no holds on Club Account, and recognized by the Center of Student Leadership, Involvement & Service by the date of submission of the grant request. You are required to submit a Grant Request Form. This is available through Orgsync. There is an individual form for Programming and another for Travel and Office Supplies.

The maximum amount that can be granted to each club per year is:

  • Programming $2,000
  • Travel $1,000
  • Office Supplies $500

The more detailed and organized your request is, completely filled out form, the more likely you are to receive the funds. Grants cannot retroactively fund an event. Submit your grant request as soon as you know a need will arise.

Q. What can we use our Grant money for?

A. You can use your grant money for:

  • Publicity/ Copies
  • Supplies/ Equipment Rental for proposed events
  • Fees for speakers/ performers
  • Travel costs for speakers/ performers
  • Banners
  • Gas/ Lodging to tournaments/ conferences

You CAN NOT use your grant money for:

  • Food/Drinks or Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Clothing/ Costumes/ Uniforms
  • Awards, wages, or any specialty items for club members

Have your Club Grant funds pay directly for goods and services

Q. How do we use/get reimbursed for our Grant money?

A. You must submit a Club Grant Expenditure Voucher (similar to a Club Account Expenditure Voucher) which can be found at the Information Desk of the Student Union or in the Forms rack located throughout the building.

Included with these forms must be:

  • The original receipt(s)/Invoice, Invoice must be made out to Club of Sonoma State University.
  • Proof of Payment; provide copy of card with last four digits of card used to match last four digits on receipt if no name is on the receipt or a bank statement that shows the amount that it was deducted from your account.
  • Proof of Event is any way that can prove that the event happened or is going to happen. (Flyers, Facebook invites, Emails, Club Minutes etc.)
  • A 204 Form from the check payee/or vendor; available online on or at the Student Union in the forms rack.
  • A complete description of the expenditure (who, what, where, when why).
  • Signature(s) from the clubs authorized signers Club trust forms signed during chartering.

If any of the things listed above are missing, your paperwork will not be accepted and will be returned to your club mailbox with a pink Club Communication Form attached.