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During the 2005-2006 academic year, President Armiñana appointed a University Planning Steering Committee (UPSC) to develop a strategic plan for Sonoma State University. Co-Chaired by the Chief Academic Officer and the Chief Financial Officer and composed of members of the faculty, staff, student body, and administration, UPSC has developed a draft strategic plan which currently is being considered by the campus community. The draft strategic plan is intended to be a broad statement of Sonoma State University’s goals and objectives in pursuit of its mission and vision for the University. As such, it is intended to serve a number of institutional purposes including:

  • To be a framework for planning, prioritizing, and decision-making by Divisions, Schools, Departments, and other units;
  • To be a basis for allocating university-wide resources to selected appropriate initiatives; and
  • Through its development process, to help develop consensus on a shared vision and direction for the University.

In addition to a mission and vision statement, along with a statement of values, the draft strategic plan includes nine strategic areas for which SSU will have an overarching goal and supporting objectives. The strategic areas include: Academic Programs, Community Engagement, Diversity, Enrollment Management, External Support, Faculty Staff Development, Infrastructure, Quality of the Student Experience and Sustainability.

In considering the draft strategic plan along with its organizational responsibility, Administration and Finance has established objectives and initiatives in five of nine strategic areas, including Infrastructure, Faculty/Staff Development, Quality of the Student Experience, Diversity, and Sustainability. In addition, Administration and Finance has developed a five year division plan to achieve its stated objectives via a set of targeted initiatives and accompanying resource strategies.

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