Academic Announcements

Still undecided with which major to declare?

This class is for you, the undeclared student!

University 237
Career-Life Planning

This one unit elective will assist you in finding and declaring a major. Through a series of career assessments, researching careers and majors this course is a must for a second year student unsure of major direction or wants help declaring a major. The course is currently open, but seats will be full once it is offered to Freshman this summer. Grab a seat now before it fills!


Section #1 (4086) ,Tuesday 3pm-4:50pm
Section #2 (4087), Tuesday 3pm-4:50pm
Sections #3 (4088), Thursday 3pm-4:50pm
Section #4 (4089), Thursday 3pm-4:50pm

Don’t be caught as a student with 60 units and no major!

The Undeclared Advisors
Edie, Janet, Khou and Vanessa