Qualifiable Eligibility Index

Am I Eligible?

The "eligibility index" is a calculation based upon your high school grade point average and your test scores.

For test scores when we calculate the eligibility index, we can use either the ACT or the SAT. If you take both tests, or take a particular test more than once, we will use the highest test scores for each area. For the SAT, we use the combined total of the SAT verbal/critical reading score plus the SAT mathematics score. For the ACT, we use the "composite" score. At this time, the California State University does not use the writing/essay scores from either the SAT or ACT.

The high school grade point average is based on courses taken during 10th through 12th grades which are considered "college preparatory." The grades for non-college preparatory courses, such as keyboarding, work experience or instructional aide, are not counted at all.

Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken in 11th and 12th grades with grades of C or higher are awarded extra grade points. For example, normally in high school a grade of A counts as 4 grade points. If the course is an honors course or an AP course, a grade of A would count as 5 grade points. If you happen to receive a grade of D in an honors or AP course, no extra grade points are counted.

You can calculate your eligibility index by multiplying your grade point average by 800 and adding your total score (verbal/critical reading + mathematics) on the SAT. Or, if you took the ACT, multiply your grade point average by 200 and add ten times the ACT composite score. If you are a California high school graduate (or a resident of California for tuition purposes), you need a minimum eligibility index of 2900 using the SAT or 694 using the ACT. If you apply for admission before you graduate from high school, you should compute your GPA using grades earned in courses completed after the 9th grade (including summer courses taken between your 9th and 10th grades). Do not include grades you expect to earn in courses during the remainder of 12th grade.

Non-Resident Eligibility Index

If you are neither a graduate of a California high school nor a resident of California for tuition purposes, you need a minimum index of 3502 (SAT) or 842 (ACT).

Graduates of secondary schools in foreign countries must be judged to have academic preparation and abilities equivalent to applicants eligible under this section. Our international evaluator will make this determination, based on your transcript and the educational standards of the country where the coursework was taken.