About The California State University

The individual California State Colleges were brought together as a system by the Donahoe Higher Education Act of 1960. In 1982, the system became The California State University. The oldest campus is San Jose State University, which was founded in 1857; the newest campus is California State University, Monterey Bay, which was founded in 1994. The California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, founded in 1929, joined the CSU as its 22nd campus in 1995.

The CSU offers more than 1,500 bachelor's and master's degree programs in some 200 subject areas. In fall 1995, the system enrolled approximately 326,000 students, taught by more than 16,000 faculty. Last year the system awarded over 50 per cent of the bachelor's degrees and 30 per cent of the mater's degrees granted in California. More than 1.2 million persons have been graduated from the 22 campuses since 1960.

Change in Choice of Campus:

Applicants who wish to change the choice of CSU campus after the application has been filed should obtain a Request for Transfer of Admission Application to Alternative Choice Campus form from the Office of Admissions and Records and follow the instructions contained therein. A change in choice of campus can only be made for the same term or semester for which the applicant originally applied. There is no fee for this service.

Reapplication for Subsequent Semesters:

Students who have been admitted to the University for a given semester but do not register will have their admission automatically cancelled. Should they later wish to undertake work at the University, they must file a new application, pay a new application fee, and meet all of the current requirements for admission. Materials supporting an application for admission, such as transcripts and entrance examination scores, will be held for one year only and may be used during this time to meet the requirements for admission.

High School Students:

Students still enrolled in high school will be considered for enrollment in certain special programs if recommended by the principal and the appropriate campus department chair and if preparation is equivalent to that required of eligible California high school graduates. Such admission is only for a given program and does not constitute the right to continued enrollment. For more information, contact Office of Admissions and Records at (707) 664-2778.

Early Admission Decisions:

Sonoma State University will recognize outstanding academic achievement (3.40 GPA or higher) of high school students by issuing an early admissions commitment to such applicants, contingent upon the earning of the high school diploma or its equivalent and completion of the required college preparation courses.

Sonoma may also provisionally admit first-time freshmen applicants based on their academic performance through the junior year of high school and planned for the senior year. The campus will monitor the senior year of study of those provisionally admitted to ensure that those so admitted complete their senior year of studies satisfactorily, including the required college preparatory subjects, and graduation from high school.

Hardship Petitions:

Sonoma State University has, like other CSU campuses, established procedures for consideration of qualified applicants who would be faced with extreme hardship if not admitted. Petitioners should write the Office of Admissions and Records regarding specific policies governing hardship admission.