Remediation Information for New First Time Freshmen

CSU systemwide and SSU policy require that all entering students needing remediation (Math and/or English) take and complete all remedial courses within their first year of enrollment. Students must enroll in the appropriate remedial courses in their first semester. Failure to do so results in administrative academic disqualification from the university.

If students do not complete remediation in their first year of enrollment, they will be required to complete it during the summer in order to be allowed to return to SSU the next Fall.

As you advise new first time freshmen for Fall during orientation, please make sure that you advise them into the correct remedial courses in English and/or Math based on their EPT and/or ELM scores. They must register for these courses during orientation.

Students can get a head start on satisfying remediation requirements during the summer, before their first Fall semester, at a local community college. In fact, you may have students at orientation who are already enrolled and taking advantage of this option. (For a complete list of equivalent courses at local community colleges please refer students to Remediation Institutions.)

Student may also retake the ELM (score of 50 or higher is passing). For information regarding test dates go to SSU Testing. Students cannot retake the EPT.

Students will be required to enroll in the course for which they have placed based on their EPT and ELM tests. If they pass a summer remedial course or retake and score higher on the ELM, they will then be eligible to change their classes during Pass 2 or Open REG.

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