Sonoma State University Local Admission Area for First Time Freshmen Students

Sonoma State University Local Admission Area for First Time Freshmen Students includes high schools located in the following counties Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Marin, Lake, and Mendocino.

First Time Freshmen students who graduate from a high school located in one of these counties are considered local area applicants. Local area applicants must meet the minimum California State University (CSU) eligibility index of 2900 using the SAT composite score for verbal critical reading score and mathematics and a 694 using the ACT Composite score. See the impacted majors page for more information.

Students who graduate from a high school outside of the counties listed above are considered to outside of our local admission area. Sonoma State University is impacted and will have an increased eligibility index for those students outside our local admissions area. Applicants will be rank ordered by eligibility index, with admissions offers being made in descending order. The final eligibility index cut off will be based on the characteristics of the applicant pool for each specific admissions cycle.

Out of Local Area Eligibility Index:

The eligibility index for the Out of Local Area is set based on the application pool for the term. The minimum qualifying index for applicants outside of the local area will vary depending on the number of qualified applicants received at the end of the priority application filing period and enrollment capacity for each specific term. All first time freshmen applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores for admission. See eligibility for more information.

Local Admissions Area

local service areas: Sonoma, Marin, Mendicino, Napa, Lake