Steering Committee Meeting Minutes April 18, 2012

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General Update
    1. Disability Awareness Week – April 23 - 27, 2012.  Brent Boyer is promoting the events planned for the week including an array of workshops & presentations by faculty, staff and lecturers.   Jack Nguyen will be presenting a workshop entitled “Jack’s Apps.” Emiliano Ayala has volunteered one of his classes to participate in the ropes and climbing wall workshop in order to raise disability awareness with his K-12 education students.  One suggestion to solicit more student participation is to contact the Greeks on campus. Many of them already support different organizations that address disabilities and it could expand the exposure for the SSU campus. 
    2. Emiliano toured us through the upgraded EnAct UDL-U website The evolving website is a result of 6 years of work supported by a grant from the US Dept. of Education. It offers a portal for secondary education course design centered on UDL principles. The website describes Universal Design for Learning, its three main principles (Representation, Engagement and Expression) and provides resources and materials that can be used by the individual instructor or for faculty development workshops.  The accessibility tab includes accessibility checklists, accessible instruction media and closed captioning information, as well as information on web and mobile technology and assistive technology.  At a recent Faculty Center lunch, Emiliano discussed different ways to approach this with the faculty and how to motivate them to adopt these best practices.  Financial incentives may be an avenue.  Richard Senghas, who will be serving on the senate next year, observed that one theme to consider for the faculty retreat could be “Inclusivity.”
  2. Current status and efforts
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility)

      Barbara Moore reported that redesign of campus web sites is moving along.  The Anthropology Department site went live this week and many other departments have volunteered for upgrading.  Christine Hayes with the help of student assistants has been making great progress with the various upgrades.  Barbara M. also reported that the Web Advisory Committee is almost finished with the SSU Web Policy.  The Web Standards Site is also nearly complete; it is currently password protected but it will be opened up soon.  She added that of the 167 sites on campus, approximately 25% are using the new template, 25% are in the adoption phase,  25% are identified as having older versions of the template but were more recently updated, and the last 25% are non-official sites.

    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)

      Paula reported that efforts to get the message out to faculty about the resources available to help develop accessible curriculum are ongoing.  Richard commented that under the umbrella of the Professional Development Subcommittee, Accessibility could be added to the Affordable Learning objectives as part of the discussions.

    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)

      Joy reported that various trainings on procurement accessibility requirements are offered on campus.  She also mentioned a large procurement in process is the upgrade to the Library’s ARS (Automated Retrieval System) computer system. This procurement will need to undergo the accessibility procedure applied to products over the threshold of $15,000.

  3. Discussion of SSU ATI goals and priorities for 2011 – 2012

    Barbara Butler reported that each campus will be responsible for developing a comprehensive campus plan which is due at the end of June.  The campus plan will be expected to address how and when the campus will attain the original goals as set forth in the 2007 coded memo.  A template for this plan is also in the works.

  4. Workshops and Training

    Barbara reminded everyone that more is being added to the CSU Professional Development website all the time and suggested that it might be helpful to revisit it again as a group.

    Bruce Carpe mentioned this year’s Commencement live stream.  They will be adding a “screen in screen” with an American Sign Language interpreter for the duration of the ceremony.  Captioning will be added afterward to ensure the process works well. 

    Jack Nguyen reminded us of the new Kurzweil software subscription now available that enhances broader access for students needing that assistance.  Jack also mentioned that he has been busy with last minute, end of semester requests, from students visiting the DSS office for the first time.  There was an exchange around how to motivate students to be more proactive earlier in the semester.  Brent mentioned that he does a presentation on Seawolf Day as well as an overview for each Freshman and Transfer Orientation.  One of the challenges with students with disabilities is that they may try to cope without help if that is how they have managed throughout their primary education.  Once they reach the post-secondary level, the stakes change and their coping skills no longer work.  Unfortunately, this often delays their asking for help.  Realistically, they may wish to fit in like everyone else which may keep them from being more proactive.  Discussion to be continued.