Steering Committee Meeting Minutes February 15, 2012

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General Update
    1. Announcements (all)
      Barbara Butler discussed the last Executive Sponsors Conference Call.    Please review the notes sent to the ATI Steering Committee via email 02-16-2012 for the details.
      The impact of in-house captioning was raised by Brent Boyer and Bruce Carpe.  They recently spent a huge number of hours on a particular faculty’s request for this service.  Given the hours of labor that captioning can take, the cost of this service, and the fact that vendor-provided captioning is often not an option, faculty need to be encouraged to make their instructional materials selection with these challenges in mind.  This raises the issue, again, of conveying to faculty the implications around accessibility.  Apparently the faculty member in question did not realize the work involved related to his request.
      Barbara commented that the Accessibility Checklist developed by Paula Hammett may need more promotion.   Richard Senghas suggested that the Checklist could be sent out to the faculty along with the textbook reminder.  Before this document is distributed again, Paula will check that the links are working correctly.
      Paula mentioned that the Nursing department has had a trial going with the Kaltura Streaming server which resides at the system level.   Two videos for a nursing class have been streamed and are being tested this semester.  The results have been positive so far.   Bruce added that it would be extremely helpful if there were a central data base of captioned videos from all CSU campuses.  He also mentioned that the manner in which his office is currently producing captioned videos will not work for streaming video.
  2. Current status and efforts
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility)
      Barbara Moore reported on the recent meeting (2-14-12) of the Web Redesign Committee.  Now the task is to implement the direction from the Redesign Committee.  She is hoping for a priority list from the Web Committee so website updates can be undertaken with direction rather than on a volunteer basis from the departments.  She would like to be sure that the update goals are in line with the ATI Annual Report.  One of the biggest challenges she sees is that there is a lot of Web work to do but not a lot of workers. 
      There has been continued progress with Hi-Soft Compliance Sheriff software but there are still some problems with various features.  They are working with the company to get the issues resolved.
    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)
      Paula Hammett reported that she “attended” the ATI Instructional Materials CoP (community of practice) conference call.  The Sacramento campus representatives discussed their Accessible Syllabus Template and the training of the faculty on how to use it.  Also discussed was Sacramento’s accessibility checklist on which ours was based.
      The CSU’s current contract for the AutoSync captioning service is due to expire at the end of June 2012.  Mark Turner (central ATI) is asking for any input for the RFP process for renewal of the contract. 
      Training materials for Word 2010 are available on the CSU ATI Professional Development Website.  The training includes standards, techniques and a checklist.  There are also short videos available on Word 2010 accessible document techniques available for both streaming and download.  A “Train the Trainers” workshop is anticipated before the end of February.
      Barbara Moore added that trainings for faculty on how to convert their existing syllabi to an accessible version will be offered in the Faculty Center with the help of the staff and students in the Center.  She emphasized that it will be important for faculty to become comfortable with doing the syllabus on their own so they will not have to rely on trainers to do it for them.  If it becomes feasible for SSU to have a web based system for syllabi (like SFSU), perhaps computer science students could develop the system for the university as a class project. 
      Barbara Butler reminded everyone about the luncheons with the Provost and Ben Ford held in the Faculty Center when there may be an opportunity for discussion about faculty development needs.
    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)
      Jenifer Crist reported that during the Procurement conference call, Sacramento State was also used as a “model” and that they have been having success in implementing their goals.  Sacramento also shared their Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan document that is required for the procurement of products that don’t meet the accessibility standards.  Jenifer indicated that SSU procurement is developing a similar document for our campus.  She also mentioned continuing frustration around asking for VPATs from vendors.  When accessibility functionality is added, it often significantly increases the price of the products.
  3. Discussion of SSU ATI goals and priorities for 2011 – 2012
    It is understood that updated campus ATI plans (due in June 2012) will be developed with due recognition of each campus’ resource capacity.  It is a goal of ATI central to encourage and support the principle of sharing information and strategies among all campuses to assist forward progress for all.
  4. Workshops and Training
    Barbara reminded everyone to promote the ATI Professional Development for Accessible Technology website.
    Richard said he will talk about this at FSAC meetings.  Barbara mentioned that accessibility is likely to a topic of discussion at one of the upcoming lunches with the Provost and Ben Ford in the Faculty Center. Brent Boyer reported that DSS is moving away from software licenses for Kurzweil to a subscription basis.  This will improve access for disabled students in several ways.  The new arrangement will be supported in both Mac and PC environments and access will be to the latest versions.  More people can be served with remote access which also provides more privacy than having to rely on a public space on campus.
  5. Spring 2012 meeting dates, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m., Schulz 2019
    • April 18, 2012