In compliance with federal and state legislation on disability accommodation and support, the California State University is implementing measures to ensure timely progress toward educational equity for all constituencies. The vision is to create a culture of access for an inclusive learning and working environment. We at Sonoma State University are committed to the goal of providing access to information resources and technologies for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, whether physical, sensory, cognitive, or learning disabilities. As a long-term initiative, progress toward full accessibility will be achieved with a roadmap framed around annual goals for the major priority areas.

SSU ATI GOALS FOR 2010 – 2011

Web Accessibility Goals

  1. University Web Advisory Committee (UWAC) will update the campus Website Policy to support ATI Priority 1 goals.
  2. University Web Advisory Committee (UWAC) will continue to identify department and program websites critical to institutional access and will prioritize for accessibilityupdates and/or repair
    1. Compile an inventory list for the year
    2. Prioritize in order of importance
    3. Develop broad timeline goals, in collaboration with the Web Team
  3. University Web Team will identify content owners and editors for all department and program sites, as prioritized above.  In collaboration, the web team and content owners will work together to evaluate sites for accessibility issues and compliance with SSU web standards
    1. Review list of prioritized sites for web work and develop work plan, with estimated timeline, by site
    2. Report progress on a regular basis to the SSU ATI Steering Committee
  4. UWAC will become familiar with ATI standards and usage through workshops or customized instruction and training.

Instructional Materials Accessibility Goals -

  1. Adopt textbooks and related course materials in a timely manner
    1. Assess effectiveness of current (interim) textbook and instructional materials adoption policy
    2. Continue to work with Faculty Standards and Affairs Committee toward permanent textbook and instructional materials adoption policy
    3. Continue communication to departments and individual faculty around the importance of timely identification of textbooks and instructional materials
  2. Continue progress toward making all course syllabi available in accessible electronic format.
    1. See SSU Course Outline Policy
    2. Expand awareness and adoption of Accessible Course Outline (syllabus) Template (MS Word; HTML)
    3. Continue support (eg., drop-in, on-demand, online) toward accessible syllabi using Word or Dreamweaver
    4. Continue communication to departments and individual faculty members regarding importance of accessible syllabi.
  3. For optimal student success, use and purchase only closed-captioned videos.
    1. Continue to use CSU contract with Automatic Sync Technologies
    2. Direct requests for captioning to Instructional Technology Services
    3. Individual faculty members and/or students may choose to do their own captioning using tools and sites, such as CaptionTube, MagPie, OverStream
    4. Work actively with University Library in selection of accessible media
  4. Expand use of the CSU ATI Professional Development Website. -
    1. Raise campus awareness of site resources
    2. Increase use of site resources for workshops
    3. Increase referral to site resources when help requests are made

Electronic and Information Technology Procurement -

  1. Implement EIT ATI Procurement Procedure for all EIT goods and services acquisitions greater than $15,000 through campus-wide department administrative support staff co-training conducted by Financial Services Contracts and Procurement and the ATI Compliance Officer designee. Procard purchases are exempted.