Accessible Technology Initiative

Hints for Making Instructional Materials Accessible

Use this checklist as a guide to meet students’ needs for accessible materials in a timely way.

Professional Development for Accessible Technology

This CSU site provides information and training materials for Faculty who create instructional materials for students.

New Accessible Syllabus Template

Faculty may wish to use this updated Accessible Syllabus Template (.docx) when creating or updating course outlines.

Accessibility Awareness

"Access by Design: Faculty Awareness Training" video
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Justice Moreno Video

California Justice Moreno video lauding CSU commitment

ATI is the CSU commitment to providing access to information resources and technologies for students and the university's public with disabilities (physical, sensory, cognitive, learning).

ATI serves as a roadmap for ensuring accessibility based on state and federal law. SSU supports the idea of an equitable environment for all diverse students, employees and others who interact with us.


Achieving accessibility of information technology and resources is an ongoing, shared responsibility requiring collaboration among faculty, staff, and administration. Systemwide efforts are simultaneously underway to work with vendors and publishers to address the accessibility of the materials they create.


To create a culture of access for an inclusive learning and working environment.


Develop guidelines, implementation strategies, tools and resources to support teaching and learning.


Apply universal design, an approach to the design of products and services to be usable by the greatest number of people including those with disabilities.


Encourage collaboration to affect changes that will ultimately benefit all. For further information, see the CSU Accessibility Technology Initiative Work Plan.

SSU ATI goals 2011 – 2012 - As a long-term initiative, progress toward full accessibility will be achieved with a roadmap framed around annual goals for the major priority areas.