Parents and Family of First-time Freshmen

This schedule is tentative and there may be changes when you arrive. Both students and parents/guardians will attend sessions together that are in bold.

Time Event  
9:00 - 10:00am Check-in Vineyard

9:15 - 10:00am
9:15 - 10:00am

9:15 - 10:00am
9:15 - 9:30am
Optional Breakout Workshops and Tours
• Disablity Services for Students
• Study Abroad/National Student Exchange
Information Session
• Undergraduate Pathways to Teaching
• Student Health Center Tour

Salazar 2019
International Hall, Rm 107

Stevenson 2020
Student Health Center
10:10 - 10:35am Welcome to SSU Ballroom A
10:35 - 10:45am Meet the O Team Ballroom A
10:45 - 11:35am The First Year Ballroom A
11:45am - 12:15pm Meet the Schools
• Arts & Humanities
• Early Childhood Studies
• Undeclared
• Science & Technology
• Social Sciences
• Business & Economics

Cooperage 3
Stevenson 1078
Ballroom A
Ballroom B
Ballroom C
Cooperage 1
12:15 - 12:55pm Lunch Salazar Plaza
1:05-1:15pm Parent Host Welcome Ballroom A
1:10 - 1:40pm Doing Business with Seawolf Services Ballroom A
1:35 - 2:05pm Breakout Sessions: Choose 1
• Financial Aid
• Campus Tour

Ballroom A
Ballroom B
2:05 - 2:50pm Campus Health & Safety Ballroom A
2:50 - 3:00pm Break Ballroom A
3:00 - 4:15pm Student Life Session Ballroom A
4:30 - 5:00pm Green Music Center Tour Green Music Center
5:00 - 6:15pm Wine & Cheese Reception at the Green Music Center The Prelude at GMC

Time   Event
6:45 AM (Optional) Morning Workout at the Rec Center. Get in a workout before the day begins, just bring your orientation name tag to get free access to the Recreation Center Recreation Center
8:30-9:15 AM Recreation Center Tour Recreation Center
9:20 - 10:10 AM College Rediness & Your Student's Success Ballroom B & C
10:10-10:55 AM Academic at SSU Ballroom B & C
10:55-11:45 AM What to Expect in that First Year Living Away from Home Ballroom B & C
11:55 AM - 1:10 PM Lunch with Resource Fair Salazar Plaza
1:10 - 1:30 PM Closing Ceremony Ballroom A

Please be aware that students will not be allowed to leave Orientation until it is over at 1:30pm.

Parent/Guardian Orientation Fees

Parent/Guardian Reservation fee: $120** (This fee DOES NOT cover overnight housing for parents/guests.)
**Only two parents/guardians per student can sign up to attend Parent Orientation due to space capacity.

Parent/Guardian Refund Policy: If you change your parent/guardian changes his/her mind about attending Summer Orientation, you must notify the Orientation Office by sending an e-mail to The Parent/Guardian Reservation Fee is fully refundable if requested by May 1, 2014.You are not eligible to receive a refund after attending Orientation, despite any change in your student's admission status.

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Please be aware that this fee is separate from the $120 parent reservation fee.

What Parents Should Know

Since your son/daughter applied to Sonoma State University, they have received a lot of information via their MySSU account. We know you want to help your student prepare for college. To ensure you are informed of the important information, we have included the following information.

Tasks to Accomplish Before Attending Summer Orientation

This is the application period for Fall 2014 applications
Notification of admissions decisions begins on January 3rd and continues on a rolling basis. In order to secure a space with the university, the Enrollment Reservation and Mandatory Orientation Deposit is due by May 1, 2013 (have your student refer to his/her admission letter for final deadline).
Scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year range from $250 to $3,750 per year. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or greater to apply for this program. Read more at SSU Scholarship (
Your student can accept their offer of admission by submitting his/her deposit via his/her MySSU Online Services account. If payment cannot be paid online, please print this ERD Form (link to ERD form)
Fax or mail to:
Sonoma State University
Attn: Seawolf Service Center
1801 E. Cotati Ave
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Fax: 707-664-2675
Once your student has paid their Enrollment Reservation and Mandatory Orientation Deposit it is important that your student logs into his/her MySSU account and selects an Orientation session date. Your students has not completed signing up for orientation until he/she has selected an Orientation session date.
To apply for campus housing, make the $400 Housing Down Payment via your student's MySSU account. Payment date establishes housing priority. Housing down payment does not guarantee a space or specific assignment.
The application process is free. The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at FAFSA( using SSU's federal school code of 001156. Check out the Financial Aid website for more details (
Your student should take the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics Test (ELM) as early as possible, but no later than May 4, 2014. Results are due prior to your student attending Summer Orientation, unless your student is exempt. Your student's letter of admission explains which test your student will need to take. Check out the Testing website for more details (
All freshman participate in one of our Freshman Learning Cohorts (FLC). Check out the Freshman Learning Cohorts website ( to learn more about the many FLC options available to your student.
ACCEPT CAMPUS HOUSING OFFER (February 29th - Ongoing)
Campus housing offers are sent electronically on a space available basis. Your student must accept his/her offer to live on-campus by the designated deadline. Read more at the Housing website (
Send official proof that your student has received mandatory immunizations to the SSU Office of Admissions and Records. This is mandatory and must be completed prior to the start of the semester. Read more about the immunization requirements here. Make sure your student has received and has record of these mandatory immunizations now. Download and complete the immunization form, attach the proper records to it and mail to SSU Office of Admissions and Records (address is on the form). Records should be sent at least three weeks before the start of your student's first semester at SSU to allow time for processing before classes begin.
If it is determined via placement tests (EPT/ELM) that your student needs remediation in English and/or Math, your student must participate in the mandatory Early Start Program to address this remediation. For more information regarding the Early Start Program, check out the Early Start Program website (
Your student is required to attend a mandatory Summer Orientation session.

Tasks to Accomplish After Attending Summer Orientation

Your student must pay his/her mandatory registration charges by July 1st. Even if schedule changes are planned, he/she must complete the registration process by paying the mandatory charges or an automatic disenrollment process will occur. FINANCIAL AID STUDENTS: If your student has applied for financial aid and has received an offer from our Financial Aid Office by July 1st in an amount sufficient to cover his/her semester mandatory registration charges, the payment will be deferred until his/her first disbursement for Fall 2013. Your son/daughter will not be disenrolled. If your son/daughter files the FAFSA after June 1, 2013, he/she must front the Fall mandatory registration charges or classes will be dropped in July.
Your student's offer of admission is contingent upon he/she meeting the specific admission requirements outlined in his/her admission letter. It is mandatory that your student's final high school transcript is received in the Office of Admissions by July 10, 2013. If your student fails to submit his/her final high school transcript with graduation date, it will void his/her offer of admission. All official transcripts should be mailed to:

Sonoma State University
Attn: Admissions and Records
1801 E. Cotati Ave
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Most textbooks will be available to purchase through the SSU Bookstore in August. Students can find out which books they need for each class by going to the SSU Bookstore website.
MOVE-IN WEEKEND (August 17th)
If your student is living on-campus, he/she will move into the Residence Halls during the weekend of August 17th-18th. For more information, please visit the Housing website.

Parent/Guardian Orientation FAQ's

Q: Why should I attend Orientation with my student?

A: We encourage parents/guardians to attend Parent/Guardian Orientation so they will be in a better position to encourage and support their student while he/she is pursuing a degree at Sonoma State University. During orientation, parents/guardians will learn the academic requirements necessary for their student to earn a degree and the numerous programs and services available to help them succeed.

Q: What are student and parent/guardian Orientation fees paying for?

A: The Summer Orientation program is a self-run program, meaning that fees pay for all the materials both students and parents receive, staffing, housing, meals, parking, etc.

Q: Can a parent/guardian attend Orientation in place of the student?

A: No. It is important that students learn first-hand the academic requirements, as well as meet new students, staff and faculty before they arrive for the start of the semester in August.

Q: Is there anything my student needs to bring to Orientation?

A: Please refer to the What to Bring to Orientation page (link).

Q: Can guests other than parents/guardians attend with a student?

A: We discourage friends and siblings (unless they are playing a guardian role) from attending Parent/Guardian Orientation. If friends or siblings still decide to come, they will participate in the Parent/Guardian Orientation and will not have overnight housing available through the Orientation program.

Q: As a parent/guardian, do I have to attend every part of the Parent/Guardian Orientation?

A: We encourage parents/guardians to attend each part of the Orientation as we feel that the information conveyed is important, but it is not required for parents/guardians to participate in each part of Orientation.

Q: Why are the parents/guardians and students separated so much during the Orientation programs?

A: Parents/guardians and students will be receiving very similar information when coming to Orientation. We want to be sure that students are able to register for classes on their own when they arrive to SSU in the fall and we also want them to meet and befriend new students while they are here at Orientation. Similarly, we encourage parents/guardians to network with other parents/guardians while at Orientation and there will be many times that you can meet up with your student throughout the two-day program. See the achedules above for an idea of when you can see your student at Orientation.

Q: If I stay on campus, will my student be able to stay with me?

A: No, once students have checked into Summer Orientation, they are required to stay with their Orientation group and to spend the night in their assigned residence hall.

Q: Do I have to stay in the Seawolf Suites when I come to Orientation?

A: Parents/Guardians are not required to stay in the Seawolf Suites when coming to Orientation. We do want to recognize that the convenience of staying on-campus is enjoyable to many parents/guardians. Find out more information about the Seawolf Suites.

Q: Will my student be able to leave Orientation early for a graduation, wedding, flight, etc.?

A: No, please be sure to schedule your Orientation session on a date that you are available. Your student needs to complete the entire Orientation, or his/her classes may be in jeopardy of being dropped. Remember Orientation is mandatory in order for your student to be a student at SSU in the fall.

How to Contact Us

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

CALL CENTER hours are M - F, 9am - 4pm at 707-664-4464.The friendly and knowledgeable Orientation staff is ready to answer your questions. During our peak times (February - July) we receive many phone calls and voicemails. We recommend e-mail before phone calls and if you do decide to call please leave one voicemail as we do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.

ONLINE CHAT. To accommodate students who are in school, participating in extra-curricular opportunities and/or working, we also have an Online Chat that is conducted every Tues., Wed., Thurs., from 8pm - 9pm.

EMAIL. You can also email at any time. If you email on the weekend someone will return your message on Monday by the end of the work day.