Stretch Freshman Learning Community

All incoming students will be required to complete Directed Self-Placement (DSP). DSP is a process whereby students receive information about first-year composition/reading courses at Sonoma State University, perform a series of college-level literacy tasks, and then choose their first-year composition/reading course themselves. After completion of DSP, students have the option of taking English 100A & 100B, also known as a stretch course.

Students who place into the English 100A/B Stretch program have the option of choosing Stretch as their FLC. The class curriculum provides supportive, scaffolded instruction in the advanced academic literacy skills necessary for college-level work. Student-instructor ratios in English 100A & 100B courses are kept low to allow for enhanced student support throughout the year. Course content includes training in college-level analytical reading skills and expository writing, with particular emphasis on persuasive writing and research skills.

Students who choose this (Stretch) FLC will receive three English units first semester with an additional one unit of elective credit for Univ 102. Through the integration of the Univ 102 and English 100a curriculum, students will learn academic and personal skills to help transition from high school to college level work. Second semester students will receive three English units for English 100b.

After successful completion of their first year, students will have met their developmental English requirement and their General Education requirement for Exploratory Writing while earning seven units toward graduation.

Living Arrangements: As a student in Stretch, you can either live off campus, or choose on-campus housing within any themed community (Adventure Living, Academic Achievement, Expressive Arts, Global Engagement, Leadership & Service, or Wellness.), but not in a residential academic community (FIRST-GEN, FYE, ACE) because the Stretch FLC and residential academic community programs have conflicting required coursework.

For more information about Directed Self-Placement please go to the webiste

How do I know if Stretch is right for me?

Stretch is right for you if you if you placed in ENGL 100a/b after completing DSP. Students placed in ENGL 100A/B have the option of choosing Stretch as their FLC. In the Stretch FLC, you will have the unique opportunity to add one elective unit to English 100A/B. If you want to be better prepared socially and academically to be successful at SSU, Stretch FLC is right for you. Along with your English curriculum, you will learn academic and personal skills to help your transition from high school to college level work.