Scientific Reasoning in Biology

This freshman year experience is designed for Biology majors. Students will work closely with faculty in the Department of Biology, which offers a dynamic learning environment, exciting research and training opportunities and intensive mentoring of students at all levels. The two courses (Biol 120A and 120B) will introduce students to campus resources for study in Biology and to scientific reasoning and quantitative thinking in the biological sciences. Students will learn how critical thinking principles are applied in the biological sciences and how scientists present their results in published scientific papers. They will also learn about university resources, science clubs, study habits, and advising.

Topics to be covered in Biol 120A include using 'MySSU', literature searches and library skills, gaining knowledge using scientific thought, interpreting graphs and tables, applications of simple statistics, modeling cell and population growth, and the methods and ethics of DNA forensics. In Biol 120B we will deal with alcohol metabolism, birth control and pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, scientific realism versus constructionism, Darwin's Origin of Species, ecology and evolution of the flu, and the use of genetically modified organisms.

Students in these freshman year experience courses will be co-enrolled in an introductory Biology majors course (Biol 130A or 130B). Some seats will also be set aside for first time freshmen in Chemistry 115A, which students should take if they are GE Math ready. If you are a Biology major and if you have chosen not to be a part of a living-learning community, this FLC could be appropriate for you.

For more information on the Biology Department, please go to their website. Biology Department, please go to their website.