Frequently Asked Questions

Are all freshmen required to be a part of one of the FLCs?

Yes, all freshmen participate in one FLC.

I am an EOP student; can I also join one of the other FLCs?

EOP freshmen can participate in any of the freshman transition programs. Please note, however, that the EOP Academy is the preferred choice for all incoming EOP Freshmen. We believe that it will give you the best possible chance to succeed during your first year. However, if you decide to choose one of the other FLCs, you will also need to take a one-unit seminar class taught by an EOP Advisor.

Do I have to choose an FLC for my major?

Only chemistry/biochemistry, biology and music majors are required to take an FLC related to their major. To find your major and the FLCs that are available to you, please click on the "Find Your FLC By Major" link on the nav bar to the left.

Why do some majors only have one or two FLC options and other majors have several FLC options?

You may find that some majors only have a few FLC options available to them other majors have almost all the FLCs available to them. Some majors are limited in their options because we have worked with academic departments to choose FLCs that will not conflict with your required major courses. This is especially important for science and technology and music majors.

I want to join an FLC for my major, but I don't see one; what should I choose?

Although some of the FLCs align students with their major, many of the FLCs are not related to specific majors, but help students meet these General Education requirements. To find your major and the FLCs that are available to you, please click on the "Find Your FLC By Major" link on the nav bar to the left.

I signed up for the Seawolf Experience/Healthy Living/Adventure Living/Sauv Co-op . Is this my FLC?

No, the Seawolf Experience/Healthy Living/Adventure Living and Sauv Co-op are ONLY your living space. You must now sign up for an FLC, which is part of your academic course work (your classes).

What if my first choice is not available?

Answer needs to be added later

Is there a cost difference to any of these FLCs?

There is no additional cost to any of the FLC's. Please be aware that the living-learning communities (FIG, FYE & MOSAIC), do not have additional costs for participation, but the price of housing in each community is different. Please see the web page information on housing rates for more information.

I am an athlete and I don't have time for the FLC because of practice. Will I be excused from taking an FLC?

We understand that being a student athlete comes with additional time commitments.However, the FLCs have been developed to meet the needs of all our freshmen. Student athletes are required, along with all freshmen, to be part of an FLC. SSU faculty and staff will work with individual student concerns to ensure full academic and athletic participation is possible.

I will be living off campus. Can I participate in any of the options listed?

Absolutely.FIG, FYE and MOSAIC are the only FLCs that require students to live on campus to participate.

How do I know if I need to take the English Placement Test (EPT) or the Entry Level Mathematics Exam (ELM)?

Your admissions letter will tell you if you need to take one or both of the placement tests. You can sign-up to take either test onlline.

It is mandatory that all students complete their EPT/ELM by the March test date. Results are due prior to attending New Student Orientation.

If I have questions about the FLCs, whom do I contact?

You can email

When do I register for classes?

You register for classes when you attend New Student Orientation.

How do I sign-up for orientation?

Go to the orientation webpage.

When will I know what FLC I will be a part of for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Placement is conducted on a rolling basis. We will do our best to let you know by June 1, 2013.

How many places are in each FLC?

Each FLC is different. They range from 25 to approximately 190 students. Check each program description for more information.